Will not start!!!!

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  1. I have a problem with my 99 cobra. Every time i go to the car detail place they put in in the car wash it comes out the other side and it will not start. They Leave the lights on when it goes threw the wash. I wash my car in my drive way it and it starts right up. they do not even spray under the hood. I do not understand. this has happend 3 times. I have about 50k on my car. Also every time i start up my car the guages will do a full sweep. they will all max out then they will go back to normal. I am wondering if somethign is wrong with the battery or what the problem is. Any ideas? thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe the car wash place is doing an under-car blast, and the water is some how getting where it shouldn't be? Just a thought. I know up here in the winter, the under-car blasts are great for removing salt off the bottom of our cars, but can force water into places water just shouldn't get. It's those darn high-preasure sprayers I tell ya.
  3. yea. that kinda scares me that it does that. are the guages spose to do that when you start the car? the guy at the ford place said that only cobras and t birds do that. But then again this was not a SVT dealer so i dunno. :nonono:
  4. Patient "Doctor, everytime I do this, it hurts!"
    Doctor "Well, don't do that."

    My gauges don't do that.
  5. The sweep you are getting with the gauges is the ecu resetting when power is reconnected to it- I'm betting that the radio time/presets zero out too- I would certainly bet on a grounding/short problem- I would try cleaning the battery posts if you haven't, and tracing/checking all the grounds-

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    Good Luck!!
  6. I would try pulling the battery next time it won't start and having a friend take you to PepBoys/Autozone,Etc. to get it checked for free- That would give you an idea of whether it is a wiring issue or if it is a battery issue.
  7. ok. i have cleaned the terminals a few times and sprayed them down. maybe i will get the battery checked.