Will personally total your car...

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  1. I will personally total your mustang if you put this on it.


    My friend ordered some, for his 95 v6, thought they looked cool. After 45 minutes of bi**ing at him, he sent them back. Then went to the KMART in town and bought some plastic hub cap spinner covers.

    I am letting every stanger out there know this here and now. All stangs I see with these on them, will be totaled. lol. What a way to ruin your car.... :( :crazy: :notnice: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :bang: :damnit: :fuss: :puke:
  2. Oh man, those are too cool.

    The ones with the flames coming out from the center are worse.
  3. Actually I took the wheels off of My GT slapped on a set of 14inch steel wheels just so I could put some spinner caps on there. I'm tryin to talk 98CobraClone into ditching his Bullits for the same hubcaps, hehe Maybe he'll put some Altezza's on toooo, hehe
  4. 2 words: Hella PHAT

    Maybe I could put a big banner across the windshield that says "SHOOT ME, I"m a TARD"

    Those things probably wouldn't be all that bad, if they weren't ugly as sin.
  5. i know a stang with those on them around here i forgetting to put my carea in my car so i can go get a few pics so every one can have a good laugh
  6. Well, if you wanna total any stang with hub-spinners, come on down to Borger, we've got a guy with about a 96 stang with those spinners. He's what we call a "townie". That's a guy, mid-20s trying to hit on our high school girls, he even has all that chrome trim around the doors on all the contours of the body. :chair:
  7. how would we put these on. whats the last stang to actually use steel rims
  8. some dork probably rolling on escort rims or something like that.
  9. hey, those are pretty neat, i wonder if they make some for my mountain bike! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D
  10. DUDE... you could be on to something there. I even know how to market them, " The wheels that scares the wild life away, thats right never loose a leg again."

    Bad joke :doh:
  11. its funny to see when they get old and only one spins and one is missing...

    yeah i wonder where they found 5 lug steel rims...
  12. my neighbor has these on some POS i laff my ass off everychance i get to see em
  13. crown vic
  14. crown vic had kick ons?
  15. yup, some of the vickys have styled steel rims, that look pretty good.
    Police cars use kick on style hub caps, usually large style and some of the 99 newer vickys have the small chrome dish that only covers the lugs
  16. Dude, just for chits and giggles, take a digital pic of a cruiser next time you take one home and photoshop some Bullits or Mach 1s on it. I think it'd be pretty tight to see that
  17. I personally think a vicky would look pretty sweet with cobra R's.......but they won't let me do it at work

    WASSUP WIT DAT?????????