will tbird rims fit on mustang.

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by dastang2, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. does anybody know if 91 tbird wheels will bolt up to a 95 stang. the reason i ask is because my back tires are bad and i have no money to get tires, i got a full set of tbird wheels with good tires on them. i would put those tires on my rims but my rims are 16's and not 15's. thanks.
  2. they should fit...as long as they are the 4 1/2" bolt pattern, mustang and ford ranger rims are interchangable i know
  3. 5-lug T-bird Rims are not interchangeable with 5-lug mustang rims as far as I know (my V6's rims didn't fit my friend's 97 T-bird), but the 4-lug T-bird rims are interchangeable with 4-lug mustangs.

    I could be wrong in some instances, but I'm pretty sure thats right, but just try it.
  4. i do have a few ranger rims and tires laying around, it is going to look super funny with them on the back but safety first, it was raining yesterday on H59 and the car started pointing towards the median then towards the opposite direction. luckily nobody was around me and i could get it back straight again.