will the basic changes allow me to get rid of my FMU??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foxfan88, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. i am wanting to get rid of my FMU with my blower setup. will the small changes like maf xfer and other scalars allow the computer to run the engine well without the FMU, without having to get more in depth and change injector timing and pulsewidths etc etc??

    bt i finally got a new laptop for myself. i have been needing one for a while and i want to get a tweecer so i decided to get one. i have been saying i am going to get a tweecer and i am going to get it very soon since my car is broke down and i have nothing to do to it now. i am getting the RT and also getting an AEM wideband for tuning

    so expect to see me posting alot in this forum haha
  2. BAsic changes will help after you get rid of the FMU but to make up for the fmu .You need to get bigger injectors..
  3. oh yeah i forgot to add i have 42s

    i currently run 19s with the FMU and bought some 42s and matching maf, the car ran ok but was pig rich without a tune. i ran the 42s for a few weeks and then switched back to the 19s

    i hope to tune the car with 42s and ditch the fmu, i just am wondering if i will have to make complex changes with the injector pulse width or if the basic maf xfer and simple changes ( the ones you do with any new tune) will cause the EEC to be able to compensate correctly instead of being way off with all sorts of a mods and a computer thinking its a bone stock engine.
  4. Just simple changes .mostly in the maf transfer.
  5. It will take some time, but simple changes will help with the drivability of the car, idle and such. With a s/c or turbo and such there are other items to look at such as extending the load or load scaling as it's called past 100%, timing modifications, afr and more.

    It will take time, but if your willing to learn as it sounds you'll save tons a money with tuning as you'll have a wide band already. I have one, it's fun my car runs so much better than before and almost better than stock.
  6. Subscribing.....I'm in the same situation as you, except I have the tweecer r/t and wideband already installed and I'm running n/a right now to get the hang of the tuning

    Not to steal the thread but does 38lbers and a fmu seem like too much injector for a s-trimed h/c/i? I see alot of fmus used with much smaller injectors like 19s and 24s.....the fmu was last used with 36lbers and that disc go up to 38lbers, so it should be fine right? or should I put in some 19's or 24's?
  7. here is a really cool thing you can do with the tweecer. There isn't a need for an FMU because you can do everything with the tweecer. I'm going turbocharged soon and I'm looking a running 42#er's so 36 i don't think is too small, but it comes down to the horsepower level that your going to be at which will determine the correct size. I would get rid of the FMU as you won't need it anymore with the proper tuning on the tweecer.