will the orange anti freeze work in my 99 gt?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98yellowgtdropt, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. if its the GM dexcool that you are talking about, no. you cannot mix the 2 different types. :nice:
  2. its completley flushed right now
  3. i wouldn't use the orange stuff in anything. a bunch of my friends that own camaros switched to the green stuff. GM has been having problems with the orange coolant, in theory it should last for 100k+ miles, but you have to flush it twice as often as the green stuff. if any air gets in there at all then it gums up and f's up your motor.
  4. whats should i use??
  5. green
  6. any green
    my owners manual said somthing about only a certain kind but i lost it
  7. I wouldn’t think color would matter. Ethylene Glycol is Ethylene Glycol, unless somebody mixed some other stuff in with it. It my shop we have Ethylene Glycol and Propylene glycol, you can’t mix the two otherwise it will gum up. I wonder if the orange stuff is the propylene stuff :shrug: But I am no expert.

  8. all i know is i was told the wrong kind will **** it up
  9. If you mix it yes. We switched all of our 60K Cargo Loaders from Ethylene Glycol to Propylene Glycol. We drained the system then flushed it with a cleaner. Have never had any problems. I dont think there should be any problem if the car is properly flushed. :shrug:

  10. ok so if i already flushed it ,i can use the orange i already bought?

  11. Well, from what everyone else is saying, i would say just feed it to the cat (no... seriously... dont do this) and get rid of it. It sounds like junk, but if you wouldnt mind telling me who makes it. Ill have a look at it on the internet.


  12. I've heard the same thing from a few people, one a GM employee who said all the mechanics where he works is flushing it from their own cars. Another one of my customers with a 99 GTP is replacing a head gasket because of the dexcool. He said there is a class action lawsuit against GM because the dexcool is "eating" gaskets and gumming up. Millions of cars with dexcool on the road, could you immagine the cost of repairing them.
  13. The green works fine, I wouldn't change to Dexacool.
  14. In the owners manual for my 2003 GT it says to use the yellow stuff that motorcraft makes...not sure what the difference is between it and the green stuff
  15. I heard about this as well, I also downloaded a video awhile ago about this whole ordeal...I'll stick with the green stuff
  16. i just use regular ol prestone, $10.79 for 2 gallons at Costco. i still go to school so i can use the flusher there. when i worked at a dealer, they did not use the motorcraft coolant because it was too expensive.
  17. Working at a lubeshop for a year has tought me something. NEVER put dexcool (orange stuff) in a car that recommends green coolant. It will mess the cooling lines up on ur car.
  18. Dexcool

    NO! :nonono:
  19. i believe its the same stuff, its a very bright yellow, very neonish, just a different color

    gotta be careful of the orange antifreeze, if it isnt dexcool, it has silicon in it, and that will kill it pretty fast