will the orange anti freeze work in my 99 gt?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98yellowgtdropt, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. There are actually 3 different kinds of coolant as far as I can tell. There is the green stuff, there is the gold stuff (I think thats what my stang came with) and there is the Orange stuff. You can get all 3 of them at your ford dealer. As far as I can tell the orange stuff is the stuff you want to stay away from, if only because its 40 dollars a gallon.
  2. hmmm what ever orange crap i bought wasnt 40 bucks.
    but it is the prestone gm dex cool approved
    comatible with newer fords.

    and what about water? must i use distled? since i hade a leak on my lower intake neer the thermostat i flused the system a filled it with just water for now but the radiator light wont go off?

    i appreciate everyones help.

    thanks again
  3. Never used distilled water in cooling system. :shrug:
  4. you should be using water straight from the hose, no need for distilled water at all...
  5. There's a decal right on the top of your coolant reservoir (at least there is on mine) that clearly shows that you should use the green coolant and NOT the orange coolant. There's a reason for that, and it's because the orange coolant will damage your motor.
  6. only thing that is cool about Dexcool is that you can use them for 100000miles. I think thats it. they say they are more resistant to internal collosion, but I have never really heard of anyone replaceing green coolant regulerly had probrem with collosion. I personaly don't understand issue here. I mean we all love our car enough to change coolant when it needss to be right?
  7. I flushed out my system last year and my friend accidently bought the orange stuff. We put it in figuring it was ok. 3 weeks later the much hated 97 GT intake manifold crack curse hit me with a vengance!

    Good thing it was covered under the warranty. Ford replaced it and flushed the system for free :D Learned my lesson. (BTW, the orange antifreeze had no label of any kind saying that it was for GM only and my radiator cap doesn't have a "green only" label either so who knew?)