Mach 1 Will there be any Mach 1's made after 04?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Silver95Stint, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. I have heard that there will not be any, can anyone confirm this?
  2. Well its hard to say what Ford will do.
    But there is one reason they want do another.

    Scott Hoag no longer works for them. He moved on to MRT Mustang Racing Tech.

    I have to agree with what they said over on Blue Oval News is if they do one it want be in 05.

    They will build a ton of V6's and GT's and when they want to pickup sales they will build special stangs :nice:
  3. I agree with the statement that there is no reason for them not to build another one, however, I thought the Machs were going to be a limited production type of deal. I want one badly, but I won't be able to get one till next year sometimes. That's when I go back stateside, unless I order one and just let it sit for months. I wonder, if they do decided to make one, what it would look like.
  4. Well I don't think there will be for sometime unless they change the focus of "The Living Lengends" progam.

    1. Bullit
    2. Mach 1
    3. Ford GT

    Boss, shelby............

    This is suposed to be a series of cars not production cars per say.
  5. Wouldn't it be a shocker that when they do roll out the '05s that there is a Mach 1 version that they've been keeping secret? It's probably not going to happen (they aren't going to have any problems selling the '05 Mustang for a while so no reason to do that) but it'd be cool!