Will these fit on a 2000 V6...

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  1. Well, they will fit, but 18x10s?! Those are way too big for your v6. All that extra unsprung weight is gonna bog you down, and youll have like 295s or 315s on there, which will look just odd on a stock V6.
  2. also, they're 'deep dish' which too me just seems like extra money spent, (i believe they cost a pretty penny more) because i prefer the same look on all the wheels, with the rear's offset or larger in the back(like my brother's soon-to-be 03' Cobra rims with machined Finish, 9.5 in front and 10.5 in back on his 01' silver GT conv.)
    But yes, That will fit on the 5 lug mustangs 94-04 or fox chassis mustangs that have been converted to recieve the 5 lugs.
    Anyone know what the 05 mustang has? 5 lugs, but anyone know if the holes are the same distance apart, so would we be able to put they're rims on our models?
  3. Well power isn't my big issue, it's really more for the look, as these are the style I want.

    295 rear
    245-55 Front

    And it won't look like a V6 after a while
  4. Wow... those look....heavy.
  5. if you do get those, PLEASE don't use the cobra center caps. and you say that it wont look like a v6 much longer, now please dont put anything that says GT on your car. That's just PATHETIC. but if you are one who is more concerned about the look than the performance..... :nonono: okay..... :nonono:
  6. [email protected] chris....you just only like performance....some people don't want to race...can people not get that through their heads?

    I honestly wouldn't get those because of tire costs. But hey...do what you will. I am pretty sure they will fit. the extra lenght is after the lugnuts so it will just stick out of your wheel well a bit but not infringe on your inner fender well..
  7. :rlaugh: :lol: But it will still be one. Now, some people do care more about the look of their car then the performance, which is perfectly fine with me. But you do seem like the type that's going to buy the Cobra R bodykit and all that, and then tell people it is one. Anyways, those tires are going to be far too wide for your car's needs. I mean it will look good parked, but that's it.
  8. i thinks they be cool deep dish bullits = teh win :drool: you won't notice that much of a difference but they will slow yah down a lil, just get pony center caps if you get them tho :nice:
  9. all ford 5 bolt pattern lugs are the same distance apart, that is unless someone has changed the axle on the car. right now i have 17x9 on the front and 17x10.5 on the back and they look pretty good.. although i need to lower the car at least an inch and they will look much better...
  10. I don't mind if someone wants to make their car look good. I honestly don't race my car. Very often. lol. But also you have to think what are most people doing when they put these body kits on their cars? They are making it appear faster than it is, and swear this is a "fast mustang", when it is stock with a body kit on it. That's what pisses me off. What pisses me off worse is when they throw a GT badge or leave the cobra caps on their wheels, or put on cobra badges, or whatnot. You should be proud that you have a v6.

    I have yet to meet someone who puts body kits on his or her car who does not want it to go faster in one way or another. I have yet also to meet one individual who doesn't try racing this car.

    But as I said, I have yet to meet one. If you are one, let me know, and I will have met one.
  11. This is what i'm talking about. People putting body kits on pretending they have something they don't. That's what pisses me off.
  12. ^Thanks. I actually don't mind if someone makes a V6 look exactly like '00 Cobra R, because it is cheaper and you can't really get one of the street corner car dealer. What I don't like is when the person acts like it was authentic.
  13. Quite honestly i never race my car.. i will hot rod it here and there, and when i do race.. its usually with a friend just being a dumbass... I have no drive to race, now, if my car werent totally stock.. yea.. i would do it... haha
  14. My gf has a body kit and wheels and is absolutely terrified of racing in any way or form. She is scared of driving normally much less at high speeds...

    I have cobra center caps on my rear wheels. My pony emblems on the back got stolen and they are like 15 dollars a piece. I will be happy to take off the cobras if someone will send me 2 ponys for cheap :)

  15. lol I've been into the modified car scene for a while so I'm fully aware of misbadging and for your information, this car will never see a body kit. I'll only have it for a year tops so rims, suspension and maybe a few cosmetics will be done just to give it some personalized flair.

    And any center caps I get will be painted black. happy? haha
  16. Aw come on, thats a load of :bs:

    No one is pretending. Unless you start putting Cobra, GT, Roush, Saleen, the very abused "R", etc badges, then I agree with you. There is NOTHING wrong with making your car look good.

    I have a Cobra front end on my car and the wheels have the snake on them cuz they came that way. That does not make my ride a Cobra. I like the look. Although I may not be up to par with the v8 stang crowd, I certainly get enuf compliments to the good work and TLC my six has gotten from me.

    BTW, get the rims and lower it afterwards so you know where you are at.
  17. rvlyssup please do me one favor. Change the hp and tq numbers in your signatures. I'm pretty sure that you never dynoed your car, because you say it's stock. FYI, '98 engines were rated 150hp from the factory. That means that there is no way that you're going to have 160rwhp. I'm not trying to flame you or anything, I just don't want wrong info getting around.
    Sorry that this post is :OT:
  18. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    Before you mouth off, gotta know what I have under the hood. You have no idea what my 98 has. You know all about the word a$$ume right? Just cuz maybe your 98 is slow that erbody elses ride is the same.

    I live in Sunny So. Cal., City of Los Angeles were car culture is always evolving. We have dyno shops in every corner. Stang owners out here is like a tight community and we help each other out. Do you even know how many shops cater to stangs out here? Again, you a$$ume that I have never dyno'd my ride.

    Too bad your in Michigan cuz I would like for you to find out what my stang can do at the track. Sorry that you don't like my numbers so don't be mad cuz I don't agree with ya.

    Quit talking like a newbie. Or maybe a...nah, u ain't worth it Bro. :owned: