Will these fit on a 2000 V6...

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  1. You're right. There is nothing wrong with making your car look good. I had this guy pull up next to me tonight...v6 97 red stang with alzettas....ugh...revs his car...i'm pretty sure they were flowmaster 40's he had. he's got the 5.0 emblems all over it, but it was obviously not one. Besides the fact they didnt make the 5.0 in 97, it sounded like ****. I had my top down. Back road...nobody around. He rolled his windows up i revved back at him...blew him away. Considering therre were 2 people in his car (driver, psgr), about 200 lbs each, and then me and my girlfriend (i'm 160, she's 107.) AND my top was down = serious drag. I blew his ass away. we pulled up at the next light he's like what you got? how did you beat my 5.0? I just started laughing and i'm like dude you dont have a 5.0 shut the hell up and get some tail lights that dont yell ricer, and get rid of those f**kin ricer tailights.

    yes there are a LOT of iditos out there who try to label their cars as what they aren't. That's all i'm saying. It pisses me off.

    oh btw his was std, mine is auto :(
  2. OK... :notnice:
  3. I wouldnt mind putting the cobra front bumper on my '98 6-cylinder... only cause i love the fog lights on that bumper...