Will These Stern 3 Piece Wheels Fit My Fox? 17x9 +14 Offset

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  1. I just purchased a set of 17x9 +14 and 17x8 +6 offset wheels. Will they fit my fox? I couldn't find any threads with something with an offset like that. Closest I found was someone using 17x9 +20... I got a steal on these wheels and really hope they fit!

    If these don't fit I'll be using my 3 piece speedline Mistals... 17x9 +25. :)

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  2. I have a feeling from what I am reading that they will stick out... :( I haven't done the 5 lug swap yet, are there any tricks I can do to get them to fit?

    What is the difference between 17x9 +14 vs +25? Is it like a 1/4 inch or so?
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  3. Oh, i'm not worried about doing the 5 lug conversion, I just wanted to know if I should stick to the 94-95 spindles and fox length axles... They are going to be close to sticking out, so I should try to avoid any 5 lug stuff that will push the wheels out further like 96+ spindles.
  4. Anyone know the lowest offset you can run on a fox without them sticking out? I am worried that these will be really close if not already sticking out... I believe 17x9 +14 offset is equivalent to 5.5" backspace?
  5. Goto saleenclubofamerica.com and post in the forums there, since they are sterns, they will know the answer.
    One of the most sought after foxbody wheels ever, almost for sure the most valuable.
  6. I am probably going to be buying another set as well! I know these have less offset than the ones saleen used and I am assuming these have more of a lip...

    This other set I am thinking about picking up is 17x7 +39 and 17x8+39, but they have a stepped lip, and no the flat desireable lip like above. I would just have the rears widened 2-3"... But I am trying to find someone to pick them up for me since I am deployed.
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  7. Well, I picked up a GMC Typhoon... so these wheels might be for sale pretty soon. No sense in having them sit around for a while. I doubt i'll get around to touching my mustang for another 3+ years other than to drive it around when I am working on my bird/typhoon. I got an assignment to England, and i'm taking the bird or typhoon, and the mustang gets to stay old faithful!
  8. I'd keep them if you can, especially if you paid a low number for them.
    You won't get a second chance to buy them at a reasonable price.
  9. Looks like my buddy wants to buy my stang, so these will probably go up for sale one of these days! I might be picking up another set as well...
  10. Those wheels came on the fox Saleens that ran the SVO brake setups.

    Research SVO wheels and offsets and the brake setup and you should get your answers as to fitament.
  11. That link has already been posted...
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  13. Hey, did you put the wheels on your car yet?