will this AMP work with this SUB? NEED REPLY FAST!!!

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by sixstringthing, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. have this sub:
    (It doesnt say in the auction but its a single voice coil 4 ohm)

    need an amp, I originally was going to get this one:

    BUT then someone told me it'd be better to overpower it just a little, so I found this:
    ^ will this work, it says 300x1 @ 4 ohm

    Which of those two would be better???
  2. I would go with the Kicker KX300.2. I have sold alot of those amps and they were pretty stout. They probably do around 325-375 watts peak. However that amp there is last years model so make sure you are getting a brand new amp. The new model is 04KX350.2. It is always better to have a little extra power rather than running short on power...
  3. Thanks, but what do you mean get the new one? THe one that is pictured there is the one being sold, is there any difference between that and the new model?
  4. What I meant was make sure the 300.2 you are getting is a new amp, you don't want to get something used with no warranty. The 350.2 may have a little more power but if you run a vented enclosure the 300.2 will be sufficient.
  5. ok, first of all, you dont need to over power your sub to make it loud. im running two ten inch eclipses off of a kx350.2. works great. personally id go with the kx300.2 kicker has always been good to me, and considering rockford fosgate isnt what it used to be. the Kx300.2 should give you more than what you need for a single 12 inch sub. but as Dskeet said, always be careful buying electronics on ebay. if i were you i would get one from your local car audio store. your paying more, but your getting service support and at least a one year garuntee.
  6. I also would go with the Kicker KX300.2 also.
  7. I totally agree about buying from local audio shops, buying stuff of of ebay, first off, you may not have a warranty, second, if the place does offer a warranty with the product, who's to say they will be in business next week? Third, if you buy from the internet you have to pay an audio shop to uninstall the product for you to pay to send it back to the person you got it from off the internet. I know that most small audio shops are like where I am, if you buy it from us, we will take it out no charge and send it in no charge as long as it is under warranty. Hell even if it is out of warranty I don't charge shipping to send it in for repair, just the charge it cost to fix the problem. When you buy from a shop you get excellent customer service and the best possible warranty. Some companies will not honor a warranty if their product was bought on the internet.

    BTW what Eclipse 10's are you running? I used to a have a Ti 15 in a car I used to have(BADASSSSSSSS SUBS!!!), in my 02 GT I just installed Eclipse point sources all around, EA3422 4 ch amp and my CD5423 out of my 4 Runner. Next I wanna do a Ti 12 with a pretty good sized amp on it, don't know if I will use Eclipse yet or not for the sub amp, I am partial to the Diamond TDX sub and the D5 amps...