Will this amplifier work?

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  1. Is it ok to power 2 10" kicker comp subs with a kicker zx 450.2 amp? I got a deal on the amp and i have the subs already..both are brand new...I could really use some more bass in my stang.... Thnaks in advance!:nice:
  2. WTF wouldnt it be. Why I oughtta
  3. Haha:lol: all im saying is the subs are only 150 rms...300 max...I just dont want to over power them with a big amp and risk blowing them...does that make sense?
  4. While im on the topic of stereos....has anyone added a couple subs to a shaker 500 system? I got a line out converter but am not all that sure where to hook it up behind the cd changer....theres a whole lotta wires back there!
  5. You won't blow em unless you turn the boost and gain up on the amp. I'm pushing one kicker 10 with mono soundstream amp and the gain is only set at 1/4 and its plenty bass for me.
  6. On the back of your factory radio the should be two plugs, one large one and one small one. You need to install the line output converter to the sub output wires which are in the small plug. I can't remember the wire colors off the top of my head, but that is how I've always done it. You can also find a remote turn on lead in the same plug.
  7. You can also get to the wires at the rear speakers. Less hassle on finding the right wires. Also, you don't have to worry about blowing speakers up as much either when the amp you use has a very clean signal. You can over power subs, but normally it is distortion that kills them first.