Will this b good for 1st Mods..

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  1. I was thinking about getting the dual exhaust with flowmasters.. The im looking into getting 4.10s to replace my old ones.. But im trying to leanr more about the gears..
    If u can help me thank you.. and one question if I were to get 4.10s would it b good to get a short gear shifter??

    And whats the downfall, being that id get 4.10s for just a v6? Would it still run faster and better?

    Thank you for your help..
  2. Dual exhaust was the first mod i did to mine, and I LOVE it. I got about 15rwhp and it sounds a whole lot better. i got the X cross over pipe with 2 spin tech prostreet mufflers and tucked the tips under the rear bumper like on the 88-93 GTs. So you can do something similar to that and have true dual exhaust, or u can go the cheaper route and just split the Y pie back out to 2 pipes. The only problem with that is you wouldnt get as much power as you would if you went with true duals
    As far as gears....
    Well i still have the stock 3.27s with an auto, but im planning on going with 3.73s. the higher you go 2.73 ->3.27 -> 3.55 -> 3.73 -> 4.10 ... the quicker you accecleration will be /nice/ but your top speed wont be as high (were governed at about 112 so i dont think that would be an issue) The only other downfall is that your RPMs would be higher so if your going 65mph on the free way your probably a little under 2k but when you go with 3.73 or 4.10s you might be at 2,200-2,500???? so your gas milage would suffer alittle.
    Also u need to get your speeddomiter adjusted and you can get a chip to fix that
  3. Tru Dual

    Thanks alot.. So can you possibly help understang the rpms a little more.. So say with a 4.10s and I was goping around 65mph what gear would I be in? 5th or 4th in high rpms?

    How much did u pay for ur tru dual?

    I also live in CA, san diego though.. And I swear they said it was illegal to put a true dual on my stang, because it only came with one exhaust..
    Was that a perosn telling me wrong information?
    They said they could only give me a catbak dual with flowmaster? Is it tru?
    So If I went 3.73 would that kick my car pretty well? or should I go 4.10s?

    One more thing.. If I went 3.73 with tru dual would a short shifter help or no?
  4. the short shifter will give no hp. it will just make it shift faster with less of a throw when you shift
  5. The axle ratio is the speed of the output shaft over the speed of the input. To find out the new RPM all you have to do is divide by the old axle ratio, and multiply by the new axle ratio. So, if you go from 3.23's to 3.73's your RPM in the same gear at the same speed will go up 15.4%, and 4.10's will increase RPM by 26.9%.

    Hope that helps.
  6. I think with 4.10's, you'll be turning around 2,500 RPMs at 75 mph.

  7. Thanks for all your guys help..
    So let me get this some where around there. 2500rpm @ about 75mph..
    @ 5th gear correct? Anyone know how fast ur car could possibly go with 4.10s on? without strainging the engine to much?

    And are 4.10s better for a v6 manual.. Or 3.73? Once again thanks..
  8. If your gonna get gears, and you have a 5 speed I would go with 3.73's because you will hate getting on the highway with 4.10's, but if all you do is city driving Then go with the 4.10's. I personally think they are too steep for the street. I have 3.73's and I am very happy with them. If you ever go to the track you should knock off roughly 0.5secs of your 1/4 mile time. Also if your gonna get gears, get a tlok with it because since there in the rear axle the labour cost won't be anymore, otherwise you will pay twice for labour cause you will eventually get the tlok. the Tlok allows both tires to spin and you will get better traction with. With 4.10's you'll be in 5th most of the time cruising. I think most on here will agree 3.73's if oyu have a manual and 4.10's if you have an auto.

    Duals shouldn't cost you more than $300 inc labour and all parts. As far as California emmision laws maybe someone who lives there who has done exhaust work can help you out. You may have to settle for an adapter kit that bolts to the stock Y pipe and branches into duals. I'm sure someone else who has experience with this can help though.
  9. I woudl start out with dual exhaust (take off gt or custom mandrel bent 2.25 only size exhaust) and which ever mufflers you want. you will not get over 9rwhp and tq from this lucky if you get that.

    next get an ASP ud pulley 25% underdrive from www.rpm-mustangs.com(8hp/8tq)

    after that get a CAI from mac or whom ever (7hp/7tq)

    after all this then get gears/tlok unit/some method of fixing the speedometer.

    if you have a manual all you need is a 100 buck dallas speedcal unit from www.dallasmustangs.com like i have, if auto you will need a chip, and while they are at it get them to claibrate the shift points and what not to optomize you mods and allthey they help out a little bit on the mod list.

    mods like a Throttle body and headers have been proven to lose hp and tq so stay clear of all that crap.
  10. If your in SoCal look up SPINTECH www.spintech.com and go with 2 prostreet mufflers (or you can go with flows) the X pipe equalizes the exhaust flow which (many people may agree or disagree) can creat more power
    You can put true duals on your car it wont be illegal and it will still pass smog OK
    just make sure you leave the catylatic converters on (all 6 of them) i live in the east bay NoCal so i kno all about the ca emmissions
  11. another thing that will help is some traction, i spin for at least 30 feet on my launch, with only taking it up to about 2.5k... Those shorter gears are nice but if your tires can't put it down then their pointless...