Will this Harness Work for my 2002 GT w/mach 460

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Andre G, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. ive searched and searched and got not a clear 100% answer on this I found this METRA 70-5519 Harness will this work for my 02 W/ mach 460 also the rca inputs they plug into what part of my aftermarket hu the front or rear preamp outputs?... thanks
  2. I am not very familiar with Metra part numbers, as I sell Best kits and harnesses. I would have to guess without being at work and being able to look it up, that you are going to need either a BHA-5511, or BHA-5600 harness made by Best. I can check at work tomorrow. As for the rca question, it all depends on what you are doing. If you do not have a non fader output for the subwoofer and are trying to hook a sub amp up, I would just hook up the rear output to the sub amp. If you are wiring a 4 channel amp then you are going to want to use the front and rear rca's and run the front to the front input on the amp, and the rear to the rear input on the amp. Sometimes, I have seen people use a 2 channel amp on all 4 speakers. If you do that you will not be able to fade from front to rear, but I would just hook the amp to the front rca... Hope that helps some!
  3. ya it does I might just hook it up to the rear I got an Alpine 9833 and i have aftermarket 12" subs so it cant go to the sub out part thanks where can i get those 2 harnesses at ?..
  4. You should be able to purchase those harnesses at any well stocked audio shop near you. If you have to you could resort to someone like Circuit City or Best Buy, but I would rather deal with a smaller self owned audio shop, most larger retail places mark parts up alot more and aren't as helpful.
  5. actually i dont think i need those harnesses the Metra 70-5519 will work
  6. Andre,
    Let me know how this works out. I'm about to do a Mach1000ectomy and replace it with the same Alpine deck that you have. I'm only interested in utilizing the basic functions such from the harness anyway. You realize that you will have to supply new power for that deck, right? It has a high-power amp inside that requires more beef than what factory supplies.
  7. So what was the outcome? Does the 70-5519 work on 2002s with the 460?
  8. yes It worked flawlessely.....I Have the alpine 9833 and I didnt use extra power wire I just used factory power should I have used 10 gauge?? thanks
  9. yes the metra 70-5519 will work, i installed Andre G's radio with him, but make sure you hook up BOTH amp turn on wires (blue with white stripe)to get all your speakers to work.
  10. Thanks guys I also got confirmation from Metra's tech supports.
  11. looking to change my HU aswell i have a 97 with mach 460 were did you find metra tech support