Will This MAF Sensor Work?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by haulbalz, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. If needing real quick answers, Don 95vert has posted good info on the LMAF and repinning the connector, etc (I dont have any firsthand experience with that stuff - he certainly does).

    Good luck.
  2. you will need a tune for it to work.

    when looking for a MAF you need to realize that the whole "maf calibrated" thing is kinda an aftermarket made up term.

    1. The MAF only tells the eec how much air is coming into the motor, there is a MAF transfer that is a 30pt list have you, that gives the eec its reference basicly. This MAF transfer is used by the eec to match up the incoming air reading from the maf to "see" how much air is coming.

    2. The inj. size is setup/tuned in a whole diff. area of the eec.

    What these companies do is "fool" that signal from the maf to match up to what is in the eec's tables.

    1. With our eec's being load based off what the MAF is "seeing" since the sig. is getting "fooled" your load has the real possibility of being off. This can cause bucking, ping from too much timing, poor idle.

    2. even with a non-stock maf that is "fooled" it will be best to get even that MAF tuned so its transfer is correct in the eec.


    saying all that Pro-M or whatever they are gen. are the best aftermarket large MAFs with good elec. The C&L not so much with our cars eec. Stock style MAFs like the LMAF are great as they have a known MAFtransfer from ford but will have to have a tune to work, with a Pro-M you could at least drive it to the tuner.

    from your post it sounded like you were wanting to run an LMAF and 42, thinking they would just bolt in and be good to go.

    sorry its not that easy. but the LMAF is a good MAF, you just need to do a few things, and if your wanting 42's a tune would be BEST even with a "fool" type MAF.
  3. thanks for all the info, i know i have to get a tune, but was just wanting to know if this was a reasonable maf sensor to go with. i hadn't planned on driving it to the tuner though, i figure to be pushing 12lbs of boost, and the tuner is going to be 1hr 1/2 away. do you think i could drive it?
  4. without a tune it has a good chance of not even being able to idle with the LMAF even with the correct plug.

    1. You could put the least amount of boost or even take off the belt/bypass the blower and drive up there on your stock maf and inj. Then at the tuner put on the 42's, belt, and install the LMAF. PITA factor is high with this route though.

    2. See if the tuner can send a VERY VERY safe tune for you to make the trip...the LMAF transfer is preaty easy to get ahold of and should run with the transfer and inj. size changed with timing set very low to get you there.

    3. Get a Pro-M and drive it to the tuner and have him fine tune it.
  5. what size pro m do you think would work the best?
  6. I think most have the best results with the 77, but it may be the 75? I would search on the subject...make sure you search the 94-95 specific forums. The reason I say search is the other one (whatever it is) people gen. dont like as well.

    I am planning on a LMAF in the spring...but I have a tweecer so I realy dont know or focus much further as I already have my mind set on that meter.
  7. I guess the real question is, do you think the L MAF, or the pro m is better if tuned right?

    That is the key to all of these threads that deal with a tune.

    For me, it ain't no big deal
    I can fool around with it until it is "right"
    If you take it to someone and have it done, you gotta ask the same Q.

    Is he gonna stick with it until it is "right"

    That is the MAIN reason I do EVERYTHING on my car myself. :nice:
    My quality control standards are quite high. :D
    I'm a hard guy to please! :rolleyes:

    I guess that just shows you gotta have confidence with anybody you let work on your car and that goes for other things besides tuning. :shrug:

    If there is nothing wrong with either maf ...............
    Either one should be able to be made work fine with your combo.

    Don has said hes seen a good bit of the ProM mafs be difficult to tune.
    I have seen others say the same about C&L mafs.

    I will say this about the Lightning maf.

    It is an oem maf. They usually have the very best electronics. I don't think I've seen any bad stuff from peeps that have used them other than they can be pegged by forced combos which is to be expected if you are pushing things to the block splitting level.

  9. THANKS FOR THE HELP! Anyone else with similiar opinions?
  10. and not to change the subject too much, but i need a bypass valve, anyone know a good place to get one?
  11. Wait just a minute here!

    Somehow I did not notice you were gonna be forced. :eek:

    With your h/c/i combo

    You just may very well get really close
    peg that lightning maf :shrug:

    If I was you

    I'd get some more data from forced type kinda guys

    I can tell you I have seen those kinda guys talk about pegging that maf on the Tweecer forum several times.

    And ...... as J T said .... Don has posted a good bit of info on our forum.

  12. Grady, I appreciate your help, I'm researching as much as i can. my tuner said it should be just fine, it was acctually one he reccommended.

    If anyone else has any other reccommendations let me know.
  13. This is just off the top of my head here


    IIRC, some of the guys on the tuner site say that maf won't quite make it to 500 rwhp.

    Not sure what you are shooting for. :shrug:

    Just a heads up for you. :D