Will This Rearend Swap Out?

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  1. I have a '02 V6 car that I bought with the rear end out out of it. I also bought a '95 model V8 car with disk brakes on the rear. Will this rearend work in the '02?

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    Jeff in MS

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  3. Is your car an ABS car? Is the donor rear an ABS rear or not? Either way, it should fit. If the width is off by a little it will be negligible for your use.
  4. There are some difference that would make things tricky. Your easiest, most direct swap would be to find a rear end out of a 99+ Mustang.

    94-98 rears are narrower, about 3/4" each side. It would give the car a very tucked in look

    94-95 brake line setups run along the axle, the 99+ uses body mounted lines. The calipers are the same, so if the lines are present, you could just remove the older lines from the axle

    The control arm mounting bolt sizes are different. I don't know off hand, but this is the bigger issue. The 99+ rears use a larger bolt. You didn't say if you had the control arms or not, but you def want to look into this a bit.

    Also, ABS. If your V6 has ABS, you'll want to check to see if the '95 rear is ab ABS rear end or not.