Will this void my warranty?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by threefity, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. I am looking into getting a 03 cobra or 03 Mach 1 , i was just wondering if there were any aftermarket parts that would NOT void my warranty? I am mainly just looking to do a Catback Exhaust and a short shifter.


  2. I think your warranty would only be void on those parts or anything those parts affect, but not the whole car.
  3. It really all depends on the individual dealership. Technically, we have the Magnuson-Moss Act on our side, but it just gets drawn out over a lengthy battle in court if you wish to contest Ford's decision to "deny" warranty. The best advice is to speak to your service advisor ahead of time and find out what their dealership is "OK" with...it is NOT uncommon for a dealership to deny coverage on a tranny issue if one has an aftermarket shifter (it's a common complaint on the message boards). However, a catback is "pretty safe." They won't give you too much grief for just that, then again check with service dept...ya never know!
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  4. I was told by an svt tech that as long as the part doesn't cause the specific problem that the car is being brought in for your car will be fine and the warranty will be intact.....I have also been told by my buddy that he took his 2001 cobra that was supercharged in for repairs to the drivetrain (which would obviously be effected by the s/c) and was fixed with no questions asked. You have to kind of feel out the person you are working with....if he seems cool then let him have it....if not go somewhere else until you are confident
  5. I would imagine that a good service department relationship often is the make or break deal. First of all, I'd find a dealer that was already "performance-oriented", ask about their own performance parts (if any) and their installation of it. You're giving them business there and I'd find it unlikely that they'd bite the hand that fed them. If you found a Ford service center that was also a FRPP, you might could get a FR500 cat back and a B&M Ripper shifter which is sold out of the catalog. If they install it, my guess is that they are less likely to say that their installation or the parts they sell damaged your car. You may pay more for the parts and installation, but I'd bet that its the most likely way to keep your warranty intact.