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  1. Hey guys, i got this cd player a few days ago. I know its cheap but I just want to lsiten to music dont need subs or amps or anything. Im looking at these two kits I have gift cards to circuit city and best buy.



    Heres the pictures of the back of the cd player. If I get the kit from best buy will It hook right up to it? Someone said it will be easy unless I have premium sound and they said If I have a amp under m pas seat then I have it, but I only have the computer under my passenger seat, there was an old black small amp in my trunk though when I bought the car. Will this be an easy job for someone like me that has NO stereo expeirence, or should I just take it to best buy and have them do it for 50 bucks. Thanks.




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  2. Are you sure that's the computer under the passenger seat and not the amp?