will this work?

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  1. hmm a duratec dohc head on a old school 2.3 dont know worth looking into...if it could be done the 2.3L would be on a whole new field.
  2. Christ...we've been over this like 3 times already.

    NO it won't work. The new Duratec and the old 2.3L have nothing in common except the displacement!

    Come on people, use your heads...no pun intended.
  3. now now not the way for a mod to act......tisk tisk..

  4. yeah man, jez, i was just asking cause of my friends svo is gonna get a rebuild soon, and was just wondering if it was easy enough to work.

    so chill out man, mabye next time i'll just go to corral er something...god:nonono:
  5. If it worked, it would be all over the internet and you wouldn't even have to ask that question.
  6. wel, like i said, i dont even own a 4cyl (not that they're bad, i just haven't gotten around to it) i was just trying to help out a friend... so sorry for not completely understanding every single ability to modify an ohc 2.3
  7. There was only one DOHC made and it was a prototype by Rousch for the 87 SVO that never made the assembly line.

    Ford lost out on a great market the day they killed the SVO project. It is a shame that they never went ahead with the DOHC but, someone will make it work, someone with a lot of cash and paitence.

    I am still working on my engine that site on a stand in the garage. I keep going back and forth about selling it or not. I have a V6 convertable now and it is pretty fun to play with and the 2.3 has become the garage queen since the accident. I cant bring myself to take the engine out of her since the N/A works so well still.

    Red_LX summed it up though that the head will not work on the Lima block.
  8. I was wondering if any one is still going through with the volvo head swap?
    I remember last year there where like 3 people doing them, and I have not seen anything sence? What gives?
  9. 4bangen I am in a group on msn http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/2300-16V/ this is Volvo guys, Turboford guys, Stangnet guys, corral, ect. They would know the progress of the head. join up and see what you can find out. I have not been to the group for over 3 months so I am out of the loop. I hope it helps you out.