Will this work?

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  1. If it works it might be worth the money because gas is 3 dollars/gallon but I doubt you'd be able to have a hotrod that runs on water. Your car would run but there's no telling how much/little power you'd have
  2. Hm. Smells like BS to me.
  3. There's no doubt that with electricity you can split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, but with as little power as your car can provide, I honestly don't believe that you could make this work.

    What does work, and is very interesting to me, is water injection. Using wide-band O2 meters, and tuning software, they run their cars ultra lean, and inject water to curb detonation.

    With other modifications to exhaust and combustion chamber, these cars (mostly like 60 hp suzukis and such lol) are averaging over 100 mpg...
  4. The technology of splitting water molecules into H2 and O works. However, that device suffers the same problem that ethanol does; it takes far more energy input than you'll ever get out. Hydrogen is a clean fuel, but is also really inefficient from a production, storage, and energy content standpoint.

    That means that if anything, you will use more gasoline with that POS than without.

    The only way to improve fuel economy is to reduce BSFC and otherwise improve engine efficiency. Lower friction, reduce heat lost to the cooling system, improve burn quality, etc. Our 2.3s don't really have any of that going in their favor. :dead:
  5. Do a search for Smack's Booster, similar device but the plans are free. Also look at the water powered car groups on yahoo. I don't know how feasable it all is, but interesting no less.
  6. the theory is sound, actually if done perfectly you could have a car run on water, and never actually run out of fuel. if H20 is broken down and the Hydrogen is burnt, if you acheive perfect combustion (H + O + heat = water) hydrogen needs oxygen to burn, the result, or the exhaust if you will, is H2O. you can then harness the exhaust, put it back in the tank, and do it all over again.
    if you can pull it off, you are a much smarter man than I
    hwoever, the system being sold on the link is not going to provide enough hydrogen to really amount to anything
    if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    plus in Canada, we wouldn't be able to drive in the winter...ice doesn't burn haha
  7. I didn't look at the info you posted but it can be made to work.

    There are currently some prototype engines running around that have tripled their efficiency by using water. As for applying it to any everyday car....let me know how that goes.
  8. Oh yeah, the woodgas idea. I had forgotten about it. There is even a Yahoo group dedicated to it, BTW.
  9. There's a place in clearwater TN that will retrofit any car to have an engine that runs completely on water and will run interstate speeds... downside is it costs between 10k and 20k depending on the car