Will Underdrives kill my car?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 2klaseredstang, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. I was planning on gettin asp underdrive pullies within the next month and i have been reading up about them alot and they give very good power for the money. What I have been hearing is that if you have a powerful stereo it might kill the battery very fast. I have a stereo that puts out around 950 watts rms and i am wondering what they would do to my car? :shrug:
  2. I don't have a big stereo like yourself, but at Idle my voltage meter sits a little less than half. I have a single amp and 12" sub with a factory deck. I would say just put the overdrive alt pulley on when you put the UD Pulley on and you should be fine.
  3. I dont think anyone makes an OD alt pulley for the 99+ v6, ASP just uses a crank pulley.
  4. u would have to have an extremely large carshow-style system to have any trouble
  5. i have had my 25% asp on for 9months~ and at idle at night my lights dim.... but it was kinda that way before. that the oNLY issue i have, but i think my 3 yr old oem battery si to blame.
  6. See sig for what I have. I get more power, better gas milage and awesome tunes. Go for it!
  7. You should be fine, I have a bigger system than you do, and the lights will only dim if I crank up the bass really high...
  8. Adding a nice-sized power capacitor to your stereo should help with the dimming lights.
  9. yeah but you got have some serious sized capacitor to make a differance, like a full charge on one is only enough to light a flashlight light for like a second
  10. I once had an Escort with five amps and a huge bastage of a 15" subwoofer. After I installed a Braxx 1,000,000 MFD cap, I had no problems what so ever.
  11. It constantly charges when the amperage drops down and then discharges when it sucks down a lot of power which is why caps work.