Will Vert Coils Lift The Back Of My Hatch

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  1. The springs are Moog CC835 (vert ) or CC843 for the hatch . I don't want to lower the car . Maybe just the rear t make it a little more level with the front .

    The Vert springs are
    Free Height - Inches13.50
    ID - Inches4.03
    Installation Height - Inches9.13
    Load - lbs691.00
    Spring Rate - lbs per inch174.00

    Hatch springs are
    Free Height - Inches13.00
    ID - Inches4.01
    Installation Height - Inches9.13
    Load - lbs629.00
    Spring Rate - lbs per inch162.00
  2. I was only looking at install height and already ordered the vert springs w/o checking the weight difference between the two cars . They carry a higher load and should be a bit stiffer. But it looks like it's a 75-100lb difference in vehicle weight . Could it make that much of a difference in height ? I was going to order rear control arms but holding off till I see how the springs work out . I can always get adjustable height lowers to compensate and keep the slightly stiffer springs .

    Of course when you check the front springs there is a difference between hatch/convertable . Cant see the vert being heavier in the front too unless it addition bracing .
  3. All the springs are different. Years ago I tried to survey door tag numbers for spring codes. Never got enough info, but there are different springs for coupe and vert and other models.

    Fox body rear springs are prone to sag. If your rear is lower than your front, the issue may be worn springs, and fresh hatch springs may be all that's needed.
  4. vert springs are going to be stiffer due to the increased weight. Also if you install isolators it will raise the height 1/4-1/2".
  5. I looked at Moog springs for a notch and they are even heavier springs for a lighter car .
    Free Height - Inches12.13
    ID - Inches4.01
    Installation Height - Inches8.63
    Load - lbs700.00
    Spring Rate - lbs per inch200.00
    Spring TypeConstant Rate

    Can carry more weight , stiffer ride and are lower than both hatch and vert . So whats up with that I wonder .
  6. Is the stock ride height of a notch that much lower ? Or are they just throwing a bunch of numbers out there . If you flex up new coils they will soften up a little . Off road guys climb wall, curbs etc to flex new springs to loosen them up rather than take the long amount of time they need to do it themselves . Putting heavy weight in the trunk works as well .
  7. I really think you are overthinking this a bit. More than likely, if your rear springs are original, they are just sagging as it's a common issue with 20+ year old rear Fox springs.

    If you are concerned with the rear hieght being a bit taller, pick up a set of rear replacement springs and poly spring isolators. The poly iso's won't compress as much as the rubber ones and will give you a little bit more height in the rear.
  8. So what your saying is once you hit 20, things start to sag? I can attest to that. Pics not needed
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  9. My springs are not sagging . At least not in the rear . The front is lower than the back which i do not like . I don't want the rear to be any higher than it is now . If anything I would like it a little lower . The rear springs just feel too soft but don't sag . I know your right , I am over thinking this too much . I tend to keep my cars forever and re-do anything and everything that does not look or feel right (kids are grown and out of the house ) . So thinking a little ahead what I should do is get the front done first . New springs , ball joints , bushings and strut's . That will give me a working height for the rear .

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