Will we see a 2005 Mach 1?

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  1. I know the 2005 Cobra is not going to exist,
    but what about a 2005 Mach 1? Dead, too?
    The car is just begging for a Mach 1 model!
  2. No mach 1 for 05, maybe there will be if they sell extremely well in 04.
  3. As far as Ford is concerned, the Mach 1 has done its job. It helped push sales along in the last days of the SN95. Ford told us there would be no Mach after 2004. They are expecting the 2005 to sell on its own for the first year, then introduce the Cobra the second year. After that, it is anyones guess. But if Ford said "No Mach after 2004" I would not expect to see one in 2005.
  4. I had no idea Ford said that. Thanks for the info.
    I really loved the shaker hood on the Mach 1s. :)
    (It would look even better on the 2005's hood.)
  5. OK, if no Mach, then how about maybe a Boss 302 type thing with the crate engine? That would be pretty neat, I think.
  6. Keep an eye on team shinoda, they are planning to do their own 302... :D
  7. That is kind of sad there will be no '05 Mach 1. I really like the Mach 1 look.

    I guess GM will win the Muscle car battle for 2005
  8. Don't worry guys, Ford likely has several special editions like the Boss planned that will be even more badass than the current Mach. I read several magazine interviews with Ford employees and they've all said that Ford intends to continue making the special editions because of their popularity.
  9. What does this mean? :shrug: The only "muscle cars" GM is currently making aren't even a competitor in the Mustang segment. I don't think that extra 5 hp (305hp Mach I/ 300hp 05) will win or lose the "muscle car battle".

  10. Mustang GT 300HP vs. GTO 350HP (maybe 400HP by 2005)

    A loaded GT will be only a grand or two less than the loaded GTO

    This is a good thing for Mustang Fans, without good competition Ford would most likly leave the Stang at 300HP, but if they are getting beat by GM in HP then they will counter strike with more HP (like in the 03 Cobra)
  11. Ive heard that Ford is going to have some sort of special edition mustang for the 2005+ model, besides the Cobra. Apparently they wanted to bring back one of the older classics, I sort of assumed it would be a Mach 1, but I guess not :p who knows, GT500 or something??
  12. $33190.00 GTO
    $26115.00 Mustang GT (loaded)
    These are 04 prices. Both cars will increase in price for 05, with the Mustang most likely getting a little bigger increase. So there will probably be about a $6000 difference in price. I don't think that makes it a direct competitor. The Cobra, while not available for 05, is a much closer match, and we know who won the hp war there, don't we. :rlaugh:
  13. THe Cobra is $3K more than the GTO so you could use the same argument there.

    A loaded 2004 GT coupe is MSRP $29,655, so it's MSRP only about $3K less than the GTO MSRP.

    While someone looking for a RWD bargin will look to the base GT not the loaded GTO, the person looking loaded car will probably consider both.

    2005 winner = GTO
  14. i dont see the GTO as a threat to mustang sales, at all.

    and i doubt ford does either.

    face it, without the camaro/firechicken, GM has no mustang competition

    and the mustang will probably outsell the GTO 3 to 1 if not more.
  15. Exactly, keep your Pontiac GTO bs to yourself, completely different segments as far as I am concerned. The GTO is a glorified Grand Am, and I don't think it will sell well at all. Not a concern for Mustang sales.
  16. If it does that is sad because the GTO is limited to 18,000 units for the next 3 year. GTO won't be a threat to the Stang since volume is so low. THe real competition between the 2 will be at the drag strip.

    Does that make the Mustang GT a glorified Focus?
  17. Ahem! This is a forum, he can talk about the GTO if he sees fit. The GTO is NOT a glorified Grand Am, it is a glorified Grand Prix. Which is what it was when it first came out. Every car is a threat to Mustang sales. I am currently looking at several new cars.

    2003 Cobra 10th anniversary
    2003 BMW 330CI
    2004 Mazda RX8
    2003/4 Mercury Marauder
    2004 Subaru WRX STI
    2004 Infinity G35 Coupe
    2003 SVT Lightning
    2004 Cadillac CTS

    All of these cars are very different from one another for different reasons. If I choose to buy anything but the Cobra, then that purchase has directly affected the sales of the Mustang.
  18. When it originaly came out in 2002 it was a Holden Monaro

    Lets try not highjack this thread off the '05+ Mustang Mach 1, That seams to happen a lot on this board