Will we see a 2005 Mach 1?

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  1. I saw the GTO at the Texas State Fair and it was right next to the new Grand Prix and Grand Am. All were in black and I gotta tell ya it looks a lot like the Grand Prix.
  2. Was it an '04 Grand Prix? THe new GP and GTO look nothing a like. the bumper cover on the '03 is the one that is styled similar to the GTO and thats about it, back ends and profiles are different.

    Back to the Mustang for a sec., Why is it so expensive to make a 5.0L version of the 4.6L? Isn't the 5.0L cammer just a DOHC 4.6L bored and stroked?

    I would think that a 3v 5.0L wouldn't cost much more than the 3v 4.6L. 3v 5.0L would make a great BOSS 5.0 or Mach1 engine
  3. There will be no special edition Mustang's until it's 2006 Model year...at the earliest and when it does happen, it will be an SVT Cobra.
  4. 1 word..."boss"
  5. I don't think it is the price thats the problem, but it's the emissions and such. Auto makers are under great pressure to make their cars faster for the consumer, but also get better gas mileage and don't mess up the enviroment for the government. I dunno, maybe if they had a contract with somebody to help mass produce the 5.0, it would be cheaper, maybe a little R&D could make it emissions better. I think thats why they switched to the 4.6 in the first place. :shrug:

    I'd love to have a Boss 302, that would be awesome. :hail2:

    Maybe somebody else has a definite answer?
  6. Tylers65,

    I've driven the Maurauder, my accountant has one. It is a neat concept but still drives a lot like cop car with white gauges for a helluva lot more money than a crown vic should.

    My girlfriend leased Caddy CTS and it is a nice chassis but gutless. Wait until they re-engine it.

    Subaru. A lot of fun to test drive but damn I didn't want my friends to see me in it.

    New BMW 3 series. God get over the new thing and get a used 8 series with the V12 for 35,000 and be done with it.

    Infinity. Not much bad to say about it, but the styling is a little wierd, especially to be driving here in Detroit.

    Lightning. OMG the fuel mileage. It actually has feet per gallon versus miles per gallon. Have you checked out insurance on those?

    03' Cobra. Nice. Mean. Damn uncomfortable to sit in for more than five minutes and creaks and groans over every road irregularity. Insurance. Bend over big boy!

    Mazda RX-8. I love driving my girl's special edition Miata. Hot young girls stare at me at every light, man do chicks love the "cute" little Miata. Guys ask me what-the-f am I driving.


    The RX-8. It has fantastic fit and finish and looks mean at most angles. You will have to get used to the rotary engine noise and general lack of low end grunt, but shifting at 7,000 was f'in FUN!!!! Autoweek mag also fell in love with the car. They had almost zero bad to say about it. So if you can get over the looks and want to pick up a boat load of girls with g-strings showing over thier jeans, get the RX-8.

    If I ever get tired of my Lexus 400 for the commute thing, I'm gonna get one.
  7. now thats an option the 05 GTs should have :p
  8. Okay, so far we've had a couple of people make definate statements about special editions and their debuts...some of which are conflicting.

    For those of us that really care when special editions are first going to show up, can you guys stop talking out of your rear ends and only post if there is some fact to back it up.

    Comments like "Special editions will not debut till 2007" should be phrased "I think we won't see a special edition till 07".

    If you are posting factual info from inside sources, then by all means post using "definates".

    I can't wait till NAIAS. I hope Ford gives us the heads up because we have too many experts and not enough fact.
  9. looks like they mixed a dodge neon and chevy cavalier to come up with this ugly pos. Who cares about horse power when you got a car that looks like any other out on the street. :puke:


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  10. guys the mach 1 is severely underrated.... Second the gt will be 100 pounds heavier.... Third going by current trends the gt and v-6 have been rated pretty accurately. 4th the gt is not meant to compete with the gto.... the gto was designed to take fill the void until the new trans am comes out. Production run will end in 2007. And a fully loaded 04 gt can be had for 21 out the door... My brother almost pulled the trigger on one. The gt will go up at most 2k over the current model and will put the current model to shame. Pick your poisin. Personally I picked the mach 1. Not because of hp but because its a mach1 and a great car. And I bought it for 23600 out the door brand new
  11. are you counting the vert option in the GT's price? if so, that isn't a good comparison. the vert option is something like $3k and the GTO has no vert option.
  12. What I stated was indeed fact. I work for Ford and that's the current inside scoop. As a matter of fact there are no definitiive plans as to when other special models will arrive but 2006 is a target date for the next SVT Cobra which will be the first special edition Mustang. Same goes for the Shelby myth. Ford "may" (and it's a big "maybe") build a GT350 edition Mustang but Shelby's involvement will go only as far as the name only, nothing more. The only thing I can guarantee you is there will be a Cobra...the "when" will depend on development and the bean counters at Ford.
  13. Thanks for the info. Hawk. I just read somewhere pretty much the same thing. That is the SVT Cobra will be the first "Special Edition" Mustang. Although they said that to expect the SVT Cobra early, just like the 2003 Cobra came out in June 2002, the 2006 Cobra will probably appear in April - May 2005.

    I'll have to see if I can find the info. again as it said a "GT-350" was a maybe for 2006 and while it & other special edition Mustangs are in the planning stages nothing other than the Cobra has received production approval.
  14. Good to hear hawk. But I think we may see the GT350 before/at the same time as the Cobra as the Motortrend article (i believe) said special editions will arrive shortly after the release of the first 05's. To me, this means a few months (6 at the most). So February 05 may be about right.
  15. NO, That is the MSRP for a loaded 2004 GT coupe with every single option avalible.
  16. http://flm.dealerconnection.com/pag...in=1FAFP42X34F149423&orgid=2799&localeid=1033
    This one is a 40th anniv.
    This is w/o 40th anniv.
    Add $815 for auto :puke:
    Please get facts straight before you go off on a tangent. I sell Fords and I believe I know the pricing for available models. :)
    Don't forget the $3000 rebate...
  17. GTO is a tank..and still using pushrod engines..with plastic dohc covers..when will gm jump into the technology erra? you guys get spanked by ford for 2 years ,then think this new battleship..with ancient technology..is gonna be muscle king? :rolleyes:
  18. maybe u should wait for this! the new z28
  19. the front end
  20. To be honest went to a couple Pontiac dealers today. My friends in looking for the GTO. Do you know what they want for this car? They want $39-$41k for this car. Talk about mark up. This is in New York. Expect to see very little of this car on the street until GM dealers wake up.