Will we see a 2005 Mach 1?

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  1. i think there is such a thing as too much horsepower... and besides the Grand Prix, I mean "GTO" doesn't even come close to the Mustang in style. GM once again blew it. But that's just my opinion.
  2. 10 to 1 easy. GM is no competition.
  3. and once again soon to be extinct and join the ranks of a slew of nasty GM mishaps.
  4. hey, that's not bad. maybe there's hope for GM after all... although, seriously they blew the GTO... it's dead in the water... it'll need 350hp to attract anyone at all to consider buying it because it's styling is so bland it'll never get noticed otherwise.
  5. im not trying to start a flame war...

    again ill say it "bench racing". so we squashed your whole "gto is king" arguement and you become a psychic and fortell the future, :rolleyes:

    there are many cars down under that arent gonna make it stateside, get over it man, unless GM reintroduces the twins with a new design then GM does not have and will remain without any competition for the stang.

    and thats all i have to say about that.
  6. He said he wasn't trying to start a flame war. If we here are allowed to speculate, or as you said "fortell the future" about the 2005+ cars and what they may or may not do, than he too is entitled to speculate about the competition.

    Play nice folks.
  7. yeah but stating that you are not trying to start a flame war, then going into every topic and posting the gto vs mustang debate over and over and over and starting threads that all lead to the same conclusion is starting a flame war in my book, whats the point of coming to a mustang forum and posting about how great the gto or any other is? thats trolling.

    we have lots of people on here that dont drive mustangs or fords or even domestics for that matter but have useful informative posts and are open-minded. i dont see the contribution of someone who is just attempting to get a rise out of everyone else. and it makes me mad :bang: every post i read in the 05 forum has some negative comment or reference to the GTO by this guy....sheesh
  8. Point taken, but one has to remember that he is entitled to that opinion and is free to post it where and when he wants. He has broken no forum rules here. By responding in a hostile nature to his posts, you are just badgering him to get into a flame war. This is treading dangerously close to breaking forum rules.

    . No personal attacks
    This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, racial slurs, personal threats, physical threats, badgering, etc.

    By telling him
    That could be considered badgering. By saying something simply to get a rise out of him, you are just as guilty as he is regarding his repeated posts about the GTO and what you refer to as trying to get a rise out of others.
  9. you do realize that is a ficticous computer model done up by a 16 year old art student...
  10. Rumors are the Mach1 will come back in mid 06 model year, :flag:
  11. GTO weights closer to 3800lbs
    The New Mustang may be a little lighter than the current model, but not enough to brag about
    13.6 is the best time I've seen for the GTO
    The '05 GTO is only rumored to have 400hp in a higher end Judge model
    This years Mach 1 blows the GTO away. Expect the 2005 Mustang GT to do the same.
    Theres 500 hp V10 mustangs being tested in detroit. Does that mean were getting one for the price of the current model. I don't think so.
    The GTO already has to pay a gas guzzler tax.
    And what about the Ford Fairlane were sopposed to get off this new platform. It would seem that it would be the GTOs competition. Can you say Thunderbolt
  12. guys i hate to say this but expect a chevelle in either 2006 (dad works for chevy) and a fire turd for post 2007 straight from a pontiac dealer owner
  13. Read this on the cts v:


    13.7 is a long way from 13.0. Granted they may have had a slow leak in the tire. I read another review this month that had it at 13.55. The GTO tests put it in at about 13.68 consistantly in almost all mags.

    I have heard nothing about a firebird returning....ever. There are runmors about the camaro but nothing about the firebird. I got to admit, I love firebirds and would probably buy one today if they were still available new.
  14. i just wanna see the gt500 again, but then again, i wouldnt complain if they chose a boss instead.

    And about those GTO's, I parked next to one at the Sheraton near my house, I coulda sworn it was a tiny Grand Prix until I saw the logo, and if those dynos someone posted earlier are any indication, Ford shouldnt be worried at all.