Willing to share their Tweecer tune?

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  1. Hello,

    I have had my Tweecer for almost 6 months now. I have read alot but still do not have the knowledge I need. New Baby, so there is not much time to learn any more. Atleast for now.. I was tempted to just go and have a custom chip burned, but I bought the Tweecer for a reason.. to Tweak.

    Anyone with similar combos willing to share their tune and give me a head start?

    Here is what I have: 302 with AFR 165 heads, Cobra intake, 65mm TB, 75mm mass air, 24lb injectors, Full long tube O/R exhaust, 5 Speed..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.. If you can please email your combo and tweecer tune to [email protected]

  2. I dont think you will get much out of a copy and paste type tune from someone, maybe some bits and pieces though. You say you want to tweec...so lets tweec.

    First what MAF is the 75mm is it a Pro-M (or the new company name)? If so getting a basic maf transfer is going to be kinda easy-ish. My guess is that it is "fooling" the eec to run the 24's right now? If tuning a "fooled" maf turns out to be a headache you can sell it for a good fair price and more than likely pay the cost of a LMAF...it will be easier to tune if the current one is a PITA.

    what computer tune are you using as a base. the cobra or GT?

    First things first lets work on the MAF and inj. With alittle searching you can find a close starting point for your maf. Did it come with a 10pt transfer?

    For the long tubes you will have to change the heat up time for the O2's, a search should help that on www.eectuning.org or com or net (whatever it is now).

    EA is a program that will get some of the biggies out of the way faster and with less headache :bang:
  3. I am using the GT tune.. I was hoping to get someone's successful tune and compare it to the stock and see what and how much they changed stuff..

    Methodical hooked me up with a MAF transfer.. (Thanks again Methodical ) It's for a 75MM Granatelli but I also now have a Pro-M bullet sitting on the shelf if for some reason I need it..

    I did have lean codes pop up so I adjusted my exhaust pulse width, but my check engine light seems to still pop up after it warms up.. Might need some more tunning in that area but not sure what to change. The exhaust does not seem to smell as rich as it did before so I am on to a good start there..

    I tried to download and use that EA program. It was months ago but as I recall I could not seem to get it to work.. I'll take a peak at that again.

    Also for some reason when I try to record a data log it stalls out my car???? yet I can see the datalog just fine..

    I have adjusted most of the basic stuff, but I do not think my car is running as strong as it should.. The good ole butt dyno says so.
  4. How did the MAF transfer turn out for you? It may be different for each car but I figured it would get you started in the right direction.

    You need to get EA. No questions asked. It will, as stated before, get the biggies out of the way. As Blksn95 stated the correct MAF transfer solves quite a bit of problems.

    Is the lean code during idle?
  5. Thanks Methodical the MAF Transfer info worked great..

    OK... I was finally able to get a copy of the EA software working.. I hope I have the right one.. You have to pay a $55 registration fee to use it. Is this Right? I have not done this yet, so please let me know if I have the right one..

    I looked at it and it looks like it can help figure out alot of stuff for you... I guess this is what alot of people are using. I also noticed on the TB tab there is not a listing fot the GT computer only for the Cobra..

    All I need to do now is fiqure out why my car stalls while recording a datalog. Any I deas??
  6. yeah its 55$ to get the reg. code...and worth more than that if you ask me.

    The stock -t-body is the same for the gt and cobra...maybe thats why? That or maybe its assumed your running the cobra eec as its VERY popular to use as a base.

    as far as the stall goes...

    what are you doing?

    If your hooked up and at idle and load up the stuff you want to log and then start logging it will stall. Some people raise the idle alittle bit by pushing the gas peddle to like 2-3k rpms to keep it from stalling or start the log then start the car.
  7. I'll try to raise my idel a bit. I think I am going to start over with my tune and try out the Cobra's as a base.

    If I use the Cobra what eles do I need to change besides the MAF Transfer?
  8. Ok, I raised my Idle to data log and now it is have inssues maintaing idle.. Very stange..

    I even reloaded the tune but it is still messed up.. Might have not refreshed the tune and wtote over it and now it's jacked up. Luckly I have a backup I will try..

    BTW I did find some old data logs so I think i did have it working before..
  9. just to make clear...by raise the idle I mean with the foot and not the tweecer. For some reason IIRC the higher rpm keeps the engine from being stalled or at least you seem to be albe to catch it.

    I load up my log before I start the car to avoid this and just have it start logging after its started.
  10. duhhh to me....That makes more sense.. I will reload my tune and try again..