Brakes Willwood Superlite Front Brakes Only?

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  1. Hi! I'm planning on upgrading the front brakes of my 1994 mustang to willwood and leave the rear brakes stock (just with better rotors and pads) . Is that a good idea ( having big brakes only up front) or should i just save up and get a big brake kit in the rear as well?
  2. Vast majority of the braking is done by the front brakes, so upgrading the rear brakes tends to more or less be dictated by your intended use of the car. An upgrade to the M-2300-M Cobra rear brake kit may be all you need.
  3. It's gonna be a DD , but I'm planning on swaping a 427 from Ford Racing with a c4 trans , so i would like to be able to run 15" drag wheels in the back. I think with the cobra brakes the minimum is 17" wheels.
  4. Cobra rear brakes can manage a 16" wheel. I believe some special 15" wheels will clear, but don't quote me on that.

    However, street car, the rear brakes aren't that critical. Typical street driving gives the brakes enough time to cool in between most stops, so the issue with brake fade and heat aren't as critical as a road race/autoX type car. With 15" wheels out back, just keep what you have. Nobody will see them anyway
  5. Thanks a lot ! :)
  6. If this is a drag car that you want to drive on the street, then you have a couple of options. If you want big street brakes like the Wilwoods, then you have to run a 17" front rim, or run a giant 1" spacer to get the 15" wheels out past the calipers. Obviously drilling the front bearing plates for 3" studs is part of that equation. A 15" front wheel will have much better stability at the end of the track compared to a 17" wheel. Basically, if your front tires are tight, and your rear tires are loose, the front and the back of the car get into a pissing match fight. This can cause the master caution colon discharge light to come on pretty bright at the 1000' marker. If you are really serious about having fatties and pizza cutters, you have to step up to the Aerospace Components Street brake kit, like I did. I mean step up....not in price, but in sweat equity. The Aerospace brakes are a god damn **** to install. It requires grinding the knucles, drilling new holes, deleting the dust shields, making new mount points for the brakes lines, and then finding out that the bearings you just spend a bunch of time drilling for 3" studs are too worn out to work with Aerospace fixed calipers. Not that any brake modification is easy.

    If your stock rear brakes aren't keeping up with the fronts, you can always upgrade to Cobra rear brakes, which is basically just a larger rotor, and an adapter plate to space out the caliper.

  7. Thanks a bunch , man! :)
  8. I run the 14" superlites up fron with there 4 pot 13" rears...master and adj proportioning valve. I wouldnt even consider a front only upgrade without addressing the rest of the system.