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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I hope you guys are having fun with this contest! We're really excited to see the submissions, and can't wait to give away these products.

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  2. Is it random selection of all entrants for winners or is it based on which submitted picture is judged the best?
  3. We had our cars parked red, white, and then blue outside of the dealership that I work at for the Fourth. I figured it would be cool to have some pictures right before we left for the day so I luckily snapped a few. Here are my two favorites...



    Judges- I did use Photoshop to clean up the backgrounds, so I hope these are still elligible. If not, please let me know and I'll post the originals.
  4. A committee of judges will choose a winner based on composition, quality and overall patriotism.

  5. Clarification

    Thought I'd jump in and clarify things a bit since there seems to be some confusion about what we're looking for.

    We're not looking for photoshopped pictures of your Mustang. Take a picture of you and your friends with a flag draped over the car, or in front of a VFW or American Legion.

    Do you have a stars and stripes running pony on your grille? Take a picture of you car with that!

    We want simple pictures of your cars (and you, if you want!) with something patriotic in it.

    - Go to a local veteran's memorial and take a picture of your car in front of it.
    - Is there a brick wall in your town with a mural of an American Flag? Take a picture of your car in front of it.

    Things like that! If you have any questions, or want to know if your picture is what we're looking at, feel free to email me at [email protected].

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  6. Here is one of the stang, i know its only mustangs but i cant help posting the truck. Sorry the truck pics are small but really worth it
  7. More of the truck.. enjoy
  8. I have many more but stangnet is preventing me to post more, but i have many more lol.
  9. But i dont have a Red white or blue mustang. i got a yellow one. and everyone seems to be themeing their pictures to that. it can be whatever correct.
  10. That is correct. Your mustang DOES NOT have to be red, white, or blue. It can be any color, as long as the theme of the picture is patriotic.

  11. can i submit 2-3 pictures of the car in patriotic settings but they will be different settings.
  12. Ok I have 2 questions. one similar to zinc's. I have an idea for a photo but It needs to be 2 different pictures combined for one entry. Also can photos have captions below? >>For instance a picture of me standing, staring at my stang and then the next picture being driving in my stang with a caption "couldn't resist the urge." I know that is a horrible example and not a patriotic example but just trying to explain that the 2nd picture isn't as good without having the 1st picture in there and neither are as good together without the caption.

  13. You can submit as many as you like!

  14. I think you emailed this question to me, and I did respond, but I'll put it here too.

    As long as the picture is legitimate, adding text is fine.

  15. Ok yeah sorry about that I realized I wanted to add something to my question and I no longer had access to my work email. Thanks!
  16. Man, short contest for me. I don't get back from military duty in wisconsin until the 22nd. I'll only have a week to figure out how to park my car in front of the veteran's memorial without getting arrested... Guess I'll put myself in the pic in uniform to add to the patriotism :)
  17. Hey, I emailed this one to Emilie, sorry about these double posts/emails but I think I just figured out how to get it on here. Hope it works. Only thing I did was add a border around the outside, if that is not acceptable please let me know and I will gladly remove it. (Also blacked out the town's name for privacy reasons)

    Anyways, was trying to think of an idea and decided to choose what I believe is the most honorable profession there is. I went over to the local firestation to see If I could get a picture with the firetruck and these guys were really awesome. They not only allowed me to take a few pictures but as you can see, allowed me to use some of their old fire gear (yep, thats me). I think once I told em I was taking classes to possible get into the fire service they thought that was cool (I'm 18) Got a couple more close-ups but figured I woud post this as my "entry." Great contest, glad I did it!

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