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    Taken in downtown Pensacola, FL. Pensacola is nicknamed "The City of Five Flags" due to the five flags that have flown over it during its history: The flags of Spain, France, Great Britain, the Confederate States of America, and the United States.

    Can't get much more patriotic than that.

  2. :shrug: isnt this representing 4th of july? Why not keep it american. The company giving away the prize is AMERICAN muscle. There is no shame in saying "yes, american only". What if some dude shows up from North korea or something and wins the prize.:flag:
  3. "Let's Roll"

    - I took this picture the first weekend after I bought my Mustang last summer. The location was at a vista view turnout of an 800 foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway between the 1932 Bixby Bridge and Big Sur.

    - I think it is patriotic because of the front license plate and the license plate frame. The "Let's Roll" quote was made famous by the heroic efforts of the passengers of Flight 93 that prevented the 9/11 terrorists from using it as a weapon against a target in Washington D.C. by forcing it to crash in that Pennsylvania field. The frame is from the Defense Language Institute where I teach Korean to our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in support of this War on Jihadism.'s_Roll

    Neil Young's rendition paying tribute to "Let's Roll"


  4. Yeah, but we're really nice here. We're not big on excluding :p
  5. My car on the tarmac at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island with an EA-6B Prowler and a P-3 Orion sub chaser. This was taken during a Pony Trails event a few years ago.

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  6. That's cool! (No fair! All you military guys have an advantage!!!) ;)
  7. Here another close up of me in the fire gear I got to wear. :banana: Thought it was pretty cool.

  8. Here's some pix's it took at the War World II Show in Reading,PA. Thanks to the Help of Chris Baranaskas the owner of the 'Glamorous Gal' mustang warplane.

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  9. Here's my Mustang symbol of being an American. Reflection of the flag on the hood of my Stang in the garage with my motorcycle behind it :flag:

    And, here is a new Mustang GT500 with an original 68 GT500 with the flag behind them (taken with a cell phone camera):

    How about the red, white and blue CA license plate on the back of a red/white Ford GT cruising Hwy 68 near dusk by Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey?
  10. Here's a couple more from my notebook computer.

    Mustang with Golden Gate Bridge (American symbol of opportunity of opportunity as gateway to the world and symbol of American creativity and ingenuity)

    And the red, white and blue Mustang horse grill ornament on a badass highly tuned (notice intercooler under bumper) Mustang parked beside my daughter's Cougar.
  11. Here's a few I took of my 01 vert, a couple in front of my American Legion Hall

    The Guinness hat on the hood is there, because it's the car's nickname:D

    Me in the car

    and just for giggles

    The next batch was taken with a few of the displays at TAD.

    My personal favorite of the bunch- a pic with a REAL Cobra ---> a Cobra Gunship:flag:

    in front of an Armored TOW vehicle

    Self propelled 155mm Howitzer, my brother standing behind the car, still in a MP Reserve Unit here

    And two with a M60 Main Battle Tank, the 2nd one came out kind of strange with the way the sun hit the camera, but I kind of like it.



  12. Oh man, that one with the Cobra is awesome!
  13. here is my submission... the wind wasnt workin in my favor with the flag :notnice:

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    last picture is of me and a buddy.... mine car is on the right and my buddies is on the left...

    thanks :D
  14. Thanks!
  15. I don't have a pic to add so I'm sorry to add a some what meaning less post to this thread but as a firefighter myself I wanted to say thank you. Good luck with your classes and if you become a firefighter stay safe.
  16. Here are some pics I took at a local cemetary with the flag and a Civil War memorial from 1875 in the background/refelctions.

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  17. Some more...

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  18. And a couple more....(this would be easier if you could attach more than two pics per post. :rolleyes: )

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  19. LOL

    Well after reading the home page info and looking at MRaburn's car (as the photo was photochopped) and not clicking into the actual thread (because it said to click when your ready to submit) I was under the assumption that you could do a photochopped pic. The only place it said you couldn't use photoshop was in the thread, and now that my pic is done, I finally click in to submit my photo and read that I can't use it.

    Anyway, being I put the time in, I figured I would post a pic that I worked on. I know it is not legal under the rules, but I only learned I couldn't do this about 5 mins ago, so because I put my time in I will post it anyway.

    Enjoy, and maybe if I get a chance, I will do a real pic and enter the contest, but now I am getting limited on time.