window glass

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  1. does anyone know how to really clean glass
    i have these water spots i can't get rid of i have every cleaner i know even wax the glass anyone got any ideas thanks for the info
  2. i would have thought someone other than me would of have bad glass i guess not !!!
  3. i'm not sure if there is a safer, yet as effective way as this.
    get a razor blade and scrape it off. be very careful, and don't curve the blade, just push it foward. you can feel it scrape the waterspots off.
    test it in a not so seen area, and practice not scratching the glass.
  4. You can try vinegar. That's what recommended for cleaning up hard water deposits on aquariums.

  5. toothpaste works well too and also polishes the glass at the same time
  6. ok thanks guys
    i have tryed waxing the glass no luck
    i will try the vinegar,, and the other things thanks again