window problems?

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  1. i had to take my car in today because my windows would roll down automatically everytime i turned the car off. This isnt the first time it has happened either. As i spoke to the service manager at the dealership, he was saying that numerous people are having the same problems and are planning on recalling some of the 05s. Has anyone had a problem with their windows or is it just me? :shrug:
  2. its the global feature they no longer offer it. you can also rais and lower the window by putting the key in the door ant turning left hold and right hold. also you can lower the windor by holding down thev unlock button on the key fob.
  3. mine can do all of that, but what i mean is that after u turn the car, before you even get out the car, the windows roll down by itself. Ive had that happen while it was raining. I would close the doors, after a min. passes, then the windows roll down by themselves.
  4. somtimes water gets into the door lock and trips the switch
  5. that probably could be it. I never though of that.
  6. well when ever i push the auto down.. my driver side goes ALL the way down and makes a bang noise like it hits something.. just started a week ago.. my other window goes down 99% but still has a small lip showing (like normal).. i dont know what happened.. it actualyl went away for about a day and then its been doing it ever since.
  7. afixer,

    I noticed in your "sig" that you installed the Steeda spring kit. What is your overall impression of the new ride handling and feel? Any other suspension changes to go with the springs? Wheels? Tires? Shocks/Struts? Rear swaybar?

    Also, how much did it lower the car and were bumpsteer kits or C/C plates required? I haven't read too much about the Steeda kit, most people use the Eibach one. Thanks, in advance, for any insight you can provide.
  8. DRTC:
    Mustangs built since February have the key fob/door lock "auto-roll-down" feature disabled from the factory because of the problem you've been having. So most of the '05's out there don't have that feature, and yours does. You will probably want to get it disabled at the dealer because Ford doesn't have a real fix for the problem, hence they simply turned the feature off after February.

    Mustang 05:
    There is a window position recalibration procedure in the owners manual that is intended to fix your problem when it occurs.

  9. well first i love the ride! it isnt to harsh just right. you feal the road just enough. and thats the way the car should be. my friend has the v8 and after riding in mine he also put the same kit on. steeda's are the same for the 6 and the 8.
    No bump steer but i did have to install the cam adjuster kit just the offset bolts 30 bucks. but actually the toe is better than it was from the factory. im not sure about any other mods yet on the suspention. my right shoulder is still pretty soar from my wife hitting me and telling me to slow down around corners. anyway we replaced the springs when i had the car in for the front end tsb.(my friend is the head mech at my dealer) 2 weeks ago at our club meeting everyone commented on the look. the car just sits right! it lowered it 1 inch in the front and 1 1/4 in the rear. i have had he kit for about a month and i have only scraped 3 times all my fault. most speed bumps are no prob. the eibach 2" kit is just to low in opinion. i do want to put some stickier tires on it but ill wait till i wear theese out. i would recomend the kit .
  10. Afixer,
    Thanks for the feedback buddy!! I was leaning toward the H&R “cup” kit (springs plus matched shocks) but I may end up going with the Steeda model based on your results. I have heard of a few people bottoming out on the bump stops when they utilize the stock shocks&struts. Did you trim the bumpstops on your struts and shocks when you installed the springs?
    Eibach is a quality company but they seem to make springs for EVERY make/model of car. I was hoping for someone a bit more “Mustang-specific” … like Steeda. I was considering H&R because they are a high quality (ISO 9001) German manufacturer (like Eibach) with a long history of making suspension parts for racing. They even produced one of the first modified 2005 Mustang race cars a while back, so they are definitely committed to the new Mustang. I just figured they put a lot of R&D hours into their Mustang offerings (like Steeda does).

    Hmmmm, tough choice to make now. I’ll probably wait a while until I can afford a complete kit (springs, struts/shocks and roll bars) to avoid multiple installation service charges. More food for thought in the interim.

    Thanks for checking the thread and getting back to me (I know I’m off-topic … sorry about that)
  11. DRTC, what did they do to fix the problem?? Mine does the same thing!