Window shopping

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mechanicus terribilis
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Dec 14, 2010
SW Houston
Hood needs adjusted...
it just got painted, I'm sure it needs several things.

Swamped at work today, will update more later. Short story is the car is basically new as par as parts go. Has a head gasket issue but that's minor for what I'm getting versus what I paid. It was a deal of a lifetime so to speak.
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I love my Pimp
SN Certified Technician
Oct 14, 2012
Spokane, Wa
Thanks for being tactful at least, haha. Someone a while back said i don’t deserve a nice fox..
Oh c'mon Collin, I said the nice Fox didn't deserve you ;). BTW, please read the quote in my signature ;) (I'm putting extra winks in for you bro :D)

I think it was rude to be told that you don't deserve a nice car...( Especially coming from a guy that thinks that I'm the poster child for rude).
You are, congrats on staying on top after all this time :nice:

Is that the same guy that bought a low mile, fairly original fox And shoved a blower and irs in it? :D

Could be. If it's not, It's got the adjustable MM lowers on it so I can cure that easy.
Nice find. I spy an intercooler, SC or turbo? Does this have anything to do with the HG leaking? Maybe we should just wait for the big reveal, feel free to not answer. Congrats on closing on the new house and best of luck with the move.