window sticker is up

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  1. A Monday built car..... better than a Friday :nice:
    What color and what wheels will it have?
  2. its candy apple red/tinted clear coat with brembo's and the stainless painted 19" rims.
  3. The '11s come with sequential tail lights from the factory? That's pretty sweet.

    That's gonna be one nice car you have. I know you can't wait to get it. Heck, I can't wait to see what the results are when you get it, lol. Good luck with everything.
  4. well i feel im pretty decent at RT's and 60' . we'll see how low i can get it.
  5. the trick is going to be figuring out how hot to get the tires. some soft tires turn to butter if you get the too hot. i had some yokahama's that only needed scrubbing then go. others needed a lot of heat. 20 lbs of air, 4000 rpms, and feather it softly. powershift it.

    my car is as light as they can be made stock. it WILL be quicker than the cars tested in the magazines. it weighs less than them. i figure 1 mph and .1 quicker than heavier premiums that are powershifted also. non powershifted cars wont count. they will be a lot slower. evan smith will be the benchmark.
  6. I'm jealous!! :nice:
  7. I just saw a thread on another site that says all '11's are on hold. The rental companies have gotten some, but that's it. :shrug:
  8. i saw that too. i think production of new cars has restarted. the ones being checked are on hold.
  9. sweet! i cant wait to see them at the track!

    33K is a very decent price! i have the orignal window sticker for my car, and the price was 22k in 98...........
  10. so you ordered it? thats pretty damn sweet you have a car thats getting made specifically for you
  11. i cant wait for people's reaction when they see the car and recognize what it is.

    and the first 2010 SS kill. there will be a lot of those. most SS drivers cannot get off the line. i saw countless 8.5 - 9.11 1/8th et's. anywhere from 13.0 -13.7 1/4 mile times. a few here and there are getting time the 2010 SS is really capable of.

    i have contacted a dyno in huntsville, where im getting the car. ill dyno it asap.
  12. Lucky! But holly crap...32k and no leather!?!?!
  13. Issued 4/20, eh?

    This car is gonna be sick!! I'm going to be lurking this section until next Tuesday lol
  14. Congrats Bill. The sticker for my 04 Mach (framed and hanging out in the garage!) is just over 30K, so yeah I'd also consider this quite a deal some 6-7 years later.
  15. I have my original window sticker. $26,710. for a '98. $33 is reasonable today.
  16. damn thats awesome!!! wonder what it will do with a tune and CAI
  17. well the first tuner numbers are in print. SMS claims 440hp/400tq with catback, cai, and pullies.

    28hp/10tq from a few bolt-ons.
  18. leather electric seats weigh more than cloth. besides the cloth seats are fine. it was a weight choice. a premium stang is not much more. but it weighs more also.
  19. Thrilled for you, Bill! Can wait to see what you do with it! The power is impressive.

    I'd never pay that much for a Ford though. You can get some VERY VERY nice used cars for that money with more warranty than Ford offers new.