window streaks and haze!!!

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  1. On my 97 cobra, I have a problem with either tint, or bad glass. I bought the car used almost a year ago. I had it tinted in feb. and around here it was really cold, so I expected the "what I thought to be" hazey look to go away after the tint cured. Still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bang: The place that tinted the windows, said it was the glass. I have tried using almost everything to get this suppossedly on the glass surface haze off, but it won't come off. A new window is like 203.00! + tint. Could their be a recall or something? maybe a glass warranty depending on god knows what? anybody else have this problem????? :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  2. I highly doubt that it could be the window glass, I mean think about...whats more likely, joe blow window tint shop down the street screwed up, or ford motor company screwed up...I am guessing its the tint job.
  3. :stupid: Get a second opinion from another tint shop.

    The place you took your car to, do they warranty their work ?? What type of tint was used ??
  4. I got two other opinions, one said the place that tinted my windows has had some complaints, the other was from a glass shop, that also tints, they said it could be the glass. This sucks!!!!
  5. It is on the outside of the drivers,and passenger window. Some guy at ford finally gave me a bottle of miracle stuff, which removes it, VERY SLOWLY. But none the less it should be off soon. P.M. me if anyone else has the same problem. chris
  6. Have you tried rubbing alcohol ??? It works on all my issues......... and its safe if you get it on the paint.
  7. what did you find that takes the haze off?
  8. Just to be sure you have the same problem, go to my cardomain page, and enlarge the first picture. It looks like a big solid permenant greasy hand print. And the stuff if made by 3m. Thick rubbing compound. The consistancy is rougher in texture compared to what you can get at the store.