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  1. i have a 99 mustang. Drivers window stuck up! passenger works fine. i tried switching the switches, and the switches are fine. I read to take out of the motor. and the motor is stuck. My question is the window still wont go down and the motor is stuck. Do you have to have the window down to get the motor out? is it the motor and/or the regulator? thank you in advance. :flag:
  2. just an update, tried new motor. still no window. the window slides up and down fine without the motor in. any thoughts?
  3. power window

    sounds like your not getting power to left side...

    i just dealt with an f150 with window problems...mine too was like yours where passenger side worked and drivers didnt..

    my problem was found in switch..

    i used fords service manual and went thru wiring diagrams and switch testing..

    i also used chiltons library which is has all of fords info plus it has some videos for us guys who learn as we go

    Gale Cengage Product Failure

    good luck
  4. I had a problem similar with my 98 and it was the one touch down switch, which is located on the backside of the door panel.