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  1. so the factory clear tint on my mustang is coming up, i guess you could say. its bubbling, the back is lifting and the side door windows have like this faded, lined look. we need to replace the tint and i figured it would be my first mod. i can remove the tint and reapply tint (depending on what responses i get on here) or just take it to a friend of mine to do it. my question is, is it easy to do? and where could i get quality tint from for people who have done it before. also if there are any how to's that you like, link me to them please?
  2. Get someone else to do it. It's a pain in the ass and it doesn't cost that much to get done. There's lots of professional tint places out there and many of them offer warranties on their work.
  3. yep, i have a guy that ive ben using for over 20 years. ive done it myself, but he's so much better at it
  4. Like many other projects, you can do it yourself. However, having someone who is a pro do the install is probably the wiser way to go.
  5. you want this?

  6. lol, that's just awful.