Window Tint

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 03CrazyStang, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know if you can tint over those dots around the windows?
  2. yeah but it's difficult and tedious to get right
  3. yea you cant tint around them but it does not look that good from the outside. I had my rear window tinted 5% and up on the top of the window there are a ton of dots so i put about 6in black Vinal strip over it to cover it. It looks good in my opinoin.
  4. hey do you have a picture of that I'd like to check it out
  5. have a pic but no scanner.... sorry

  6. oh...oh well
  7. Yeah just use some black vinyl. Works like a charm.
  8. I've got the vinyl strip too... looks fine
  9. I have 5% over mine too and it looks fine from a distance. The pony decal on the back kinda takes the focus off of it I guess.
  10. Eh, doesnt look too good to me. Id recommend going to a good shop that uses a heat gun and takes time in their work.
  11. yup
  12. that tiny sliver of bubbles can be mashed out...
  13. it looks better if you can get it tinted right around the bubbles...
  14. i have the vinyl n its the vinyl
  15. Mine looks perfectly fine and its just tinted around the dots. Plus the shop I went to doesnt recommend tinting over the dots cause they said itd peel easily.
  16. a good shop will take their time and be able to cover the dots with tint and look good..
  17. does anyone have a picture of the vinyl strip on the back for me too see?...if you do please post