Window Track Replacement

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Derek Strough, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Last winter, I had my driver-side window glass come unseated from the track/glue due to ice. I was able to re-seat it on the track (unglued) and it worked for a while. Recently it has stopped working again, and there are a number of issues.

    The stopper on the glass front end of the glass was turned, which allowed the window to come up too high, and the track to come of the top side of the guide, which then bent it. The plastic clip on the end that fits into this guide is damaged as well, and appears to have been since well before this issue.

    Anyway, this track has been bent numerous times, comes out of the guides, doesn't hit the stopper like it should, etc. It's been bent back as straight as it can be, but it's never going to be properly straight again. I'd much rather replace it. I replaced the motor and regulator already, this will be the other half of the problem and I want to get it fixed right. Unfortunately I can't find a part number anywhere on this piece, and I can't find anywhere that sells this sort of thing. I imagine it's probably not easy to find without the glass, or maybe I don't know the right name for it.

    Any help identifying/locating this piece would be appreciated. That's all I'm needing, really.

    Below is a picture of the part.
  2. You can source all of that from a junkyard.