Windows Tinted, Dual Exhaust pics.

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  1. My Stang just after having the windows tinted.
  2. Looks hella-great Drill-Instructor BleeBlee!
  3. Did you get your back bumper cut for the dual exhaust? How much did it cost? thanks
  4. Personally speaking, I took a box knife and cut the stupid thing out using a cardboard template from the right side. Took about 5 minutes and looks perfect.

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  5. damn Zodiac! great job!!
  6. Zodiac is your exhaust the new dual exhaust by JBA? The reason i ask is they seem to stick out too much like the JBA dual exhaust. thanks
  7. Nah, Flowmaster 40s. Love the sound though. They dont really come out any farther than the rear fascia does, picture may be a misleading a bit. I just had some old tips cut off and welded on the guy had lying around the shop.. they werent measured exact or anything to the dimensions of the car like JBAs might be.
  8. Zodiac i called the Flowmaster tech line today and the guy suggested i get the 50 series Delta Flows. I know we can't get it to sound like a V8 but he said the 40 series would make it sound poppy and would not sound like a well tuned car. Do you have any ideas what he's talking about? sound clip? Also mines gonna be a custom x-pipe. Not sure what your running. thanks
  9. Mines not really poppy, but I havent heard any other six with any other kind of Flows either. There is a slight pop on the high end when you floor it in idle, but thats it.. just one or two pops and its never under load.

    I have a "true dual" set up with 2 12" resonators. It WAS very poppy before I put the resonators in, but they took care of the problem flat out. I plan on adding an H-pipe later on (I cant afford to go back for an Xpipe or anything fancy) and pull the cats / resonators later after I get a CAI and more air flow going back.

    In my opinion the delta series was never an option. I wanted that true oldfashioned sound Flowmaster is known for.. and I think I got it. Ill get you a good video later tonight or tomorrow. Ive posted one here in that huge exhaust thread, but its mellowed out alot since then and I think that one really gives a bad impression.
  10. when you get yours installed, give us a sound clip
  11. i had a dynomax superturbo on my cougar. really nice sounding muffler.

    i suggest you fellas check it out.