Windshield Banner?

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  1. I need a little help deciding on whether to get a vinyl windshield banner on not. It would probably be on the outside this time with "MUSTANG" and maybe some ponys or ford emblems (one on each side). I'm thinking probably White for the color. Here is a pic of my car before the new windshield with what I had:

    And here is the front now after new windshield with nothing on it.

    So let me know what you think, windshield banner or not. Thanks in advance.
  2. I got one on mine, it looks nice acctually, I would say do it, hell i could even give you a good place to goto which is ""
  3. i don't know if this will help at all but i have one that has the word mustang in some nice looking cursive and the running pony's on each side. I have pics of it on my cardomain site that's linked to in my sig. Let me know what you think
  4. I love the color of your car.
    EDIT: Is it stick?
  5. I personaly hate front window baners. Good reason though the stupid hick ricers have destroyed them for me. theres two great examples of ricers gone wrong here in town, A buick century with a baner and and 12in gt style wing!!!! A buick century! The next abomanation (or however you spell it) is a dodge shadow with a baner all kinds of decals and one of thouse gt battle invader wing things, ya know the stupid fiberglass molded ones. So thouse are the only two cars in town with them and I defanatly would not wont to join there ranks.
  6. thanks for the compliment. I had a couple different colors picked and then i saw that cobra :drool: And yep, she's a 5 speed
  7. ah...

    I have been looking at some on e-bay. Some are just down right tacky. Something simple is best and the ones that stick on the outside and have no background look better, especially if you have a strip of tint up front. Just remeber it is there when you scrap ice off your windshield. I bought one from dodge for my old truck when I first bought it. It was a cool as Mopar decal...anyway, I got it on straight, no bubbles....sweet, a few days later I went nuts scraping ice off the window and tore the $hit out of it. :bang:
  8. Well, here is what I ended up with on the windshield banner.
    The hood looks like its all bumpy, but its just the reflection of the white puffy clouds :spot:
  9. All I'm seeing is a red X??
  10. I too have an Image placeholder. The link appears broken.
  11. Hmm, not sure, mine is showing just fine. Its on page 6 of my cardomain if you still don't see it, sorry.
  12. I like it. Not too flashy or anything. Looks good.