windshield rock chip

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  1. So today I was fueling my '04 GT and I cleaned the windshield and rear window as normal. I was saddened when I saw a 1 inch chip (inch includes the spiderwebs starting) just above the passenger side wiper blade.

    I know nothing about glass, so what can be done?
    Should I act before it gets colder this weekend?
    Should I let it be and just live with it and see how far it cracks?

    I really don't want to turn this in, nor can I afford to pay for a new windshield right now. It would probably happen again, anyway. :rolleyes:

    I'll try to get some pictures tonight, but I wanted to know if anyone had preliminary advice. Thanks.
  2. You can have it drilled and filled, for $$ now, or wait and pray it doesn't start a growing crack that will cost $$$ to replace the windshield.
  3. I've decided to stop by a glass place after work. For $32 he can inject it with an epoxy that is supposed to prevent it from webbing/spreading.

    If it doesn't, he at least applies it to the purchase of another windshield. Decision after that, if it happens, is to get a pony one or plain glass one.
  4. My insurance company, State Farm, will pay the glass place to repair a chip without costing me a dime. They would rather pay the $30 something to repair a chip than the $500 or so for a new windshield.

    I bought a new windshield for my fox and it was $189 installed, insurance price would have been $600. What a racket.
  5. Farmers ins. does that also. I have the same issue stupid pickup ran on the side of the road and threw a rock. now I can have the chip fixed or get a new windshield. The only problem I have seen with the chip fix is sometimes it will make a blurry spot.
  6. Thanks for the responses, everyone. :)
  7. Yeah, you should check with your insurance. My insurance (Alfa) also pays the full cost of the repair.
  8. Almost all insurance companies do it that way.

    1" is a bit large to be filled, and you will still see it.
  9. It's still visible from the inside more so than the outside, so the guy did a decent job filling it.
  10. A picture would be nice, but I'm sure it would be something hard to see in a pic. I have had chips filled before and unless you knew it was there, it was hard to see it.
  11. OK. I'll go snap a pic right quick. Stand by.
  12. OK, the pics really suck and the guy did a good job on the filler, so....


  13. It doesn't look that bad. At most it looks like dirt or someting on it
  14. Well, it didn't help with me taking the pics in the dark garage with dust all over the windshield. :rolleyes:

    But yeah, the outside looking in appears better than when you are sitting in the passenger seat. It's more noticeable then. :(

    I know I'm being picky, but it is a 2004, so it's still got that new feeling...
  15. I know what you mean. After a while, you probably won't even notice it anymore.
  16. too bad you don't live in KY...they replace your windshield for free when you get chips/etc in insurance...just call the glass place and he comes and takes care of of the benefits of KY...
  17. Wow--where does the funding for it come from, though?
  18. Brittney Spears :shrug:
  19. I honestly have no clue where it comes from....I thought it was bs..and I called a glass place, and they verified it...I had a chip in my windshield, about the size of a dime...and they said they could fix it...I told them to replace it and they insurance claim..nothing...just a law in KY....