windshield rock chip

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  1. Call your insurance company. Most have free repair and low cost whole replacement.

    If the crack is larger then a 1 inch around they will replace the windshield.

    Personally, I would get it replaced. Repairs do not totally hide the damage.

  2. She's holding up quite well (with the repair) thus far and this 04 is my daily driver, so it's to be expected to get a couple of bruises.

    Thank you very much for the information!
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    I would have this chip filled, i know this is an older post, but windshield repair and catching it early is so important and can save you allot of money and headaches in the long run.

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  4. If you can catch a chip right away, there is some stuff that works really good. I think it's call "Fix-a-Windshield" or something like that. It's from the makers of fix a flat, and in a yellow package.
    I got hit by a rock one day after leaving work, I turned around and went and bought some of it. If you take your time, and follow the instructions exactly down to the letter, it works really well. You can't even tell where the chip was in my windshield.