Windshield Washer Sprayer Stopped Spraying

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  1. So about a month or so ago my winder washer stopped spraying on my 2010 mustang v6. I assumed the washer reservoir was simply just empty.

    At first look from where I could tell it was just empty so I picked up some new blue washer fluid filled the reservoir and drove off. Except it still would not spray. The motor was making the noise that it was supposed to. So I went on the the internet to find some items to try and troubleshoot the issue and find the best way to get access to the washer reservoir.

    So I took the 8 or so 5.5mm bolts out that were holding the bottom black plastic splash guard out and go perfect access to the reservoir and sprayer pump. I disconnected the line and saw that the pump was spitting a little bit out but nothing anywhere near where it is supposed to. I then disconnected the pump's electrical and pulled it out of the reservoir "Fully expecting to get a face full of washer fluid as the container was full and nothing happened." So I removed the 3 bolts and saw the rubber grommet/filter for the pump.

    Let me just say this I WILL NEVER USE GREEN BUG WASH AGAIN!

    Pics below of the plastic filter.


    That stuff hanging was like the worst bit of sludge I have ever seen. I dont even think I want to know what is in that bug wash. The history of the car's washer resevoir is pretty tame. I bought the car in Florida moved to key west for a year and moved back up to NH a few months ago so I have had maybe a total of 3 gallons of washer fluid go through this car. 2 blue and 2 green bug wash.

    After a good amount of cleaning with hot water, toothpick, toothbrush, and compressed air this is the final result.

    The end result is that my washer sprayer is now working again yay!

    Next floor blower is doing that clicking thing when they go bad. Need to find the replacement part for that stepper motor.