Windshield wipers will not turn off....

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by POS96GT, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. My dad has a 95 GT and the wipers will not turn off except with the fuse out. So we replaced the multi-switch on the column and they still stay on. So we read that a circuit in the wiper motor could get burnt out and cause the wipers to stay on. so we replaced the wiper motor just now and the things still run with the switch in the "off" position but the "hi" and "low" works fine.

    any help would be great
  2. Sounds like your dad's 95 GT has some serious electrical probloem. Electrical problems are very hard to fix. I'd take it to a mechanic that knows electrical.
  3. I had the same problem in my 00 GT after I washed my engine and some water got in places it shouldn't have.. they replaced the wiper motor unit and it fixed the problem.

  4. You were right about the switch within the motor; it keeps the wipers running until they reach the "park" position. Otherwise they would just stop when turned off, probably right in your line of vision. In some model years (not sure about '95), that switch operates a "park-run" relay, which could be stuck in the "run" position. Do you have a relay chart for your car?

    In addition, there is a wiper control module betwen the multi-function switch and motor. It interprets the intermittent wiper and motor speed settings, and actually controls the motor. I think it may be mounted to the fuse panel. It may also be part of a multi-function module that includes things like the seat belt and key-in warning chimes.
  5. No I do not have a relay chart. where can i get one? You sound like you know your stuff so I will check the relay out when get a chart
  6. Chiltons manuals have a pretty in depth wiring schematic I don't have mine handy, but you can get one from a Kragen or any Parts America store. Their website will tell you what stores have them in your area.
  7. I have the 1994-2000 Haynes manual. The wiper schematic is "generic" and pretty much useless. The Chilton manual is about $15 ordered online. I have a detailed schematic for '03, but I doubt if they used the same circuit in '95.
    You might visit you local Ford dealer parts dept and ask if they have a wiper relay or module for your car and ask what it costs. If the reply is that there is no separate relay, then you know. If the say there is one, and quote you $60, you can ask where it is mounted, then try to find one at a wrecking yard or online parts outlet. Just tell the parts person you didn't bring enough cash.
  8. Thanks yall think the ford dealer could give me a schematic?
  9. I've yet to see a Ford dealer give anyone anything other than a hard time, and I doubt if they have printed schematics (more likely, they are read at a terminal).

    What they do have is years of collective experience, and have probably seen your exact problem many times. A box of donuts left at the parts counter mid-morning might produce some valuable advice.