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  1. Has anyone had problems contacting or ordering anything from Windsor-Fox Performance Engineering? I have tried calling their number and I get a recording that the line has been disconnected? I also e-mailed them and they say that they are still open, but they wont tell me how to order parts after several e-mails? Here is their website so you know which company I am talking about:
    I want to order some of their AOD conversion parts, but I cannot get anyone from this company to respond on how to order parts. Help :shrug:
  2. Their is a horror story over on the Corral in the vintage section. Sounds like they are about done.
  3. Which parts are you wanting to order. many other parts houses have better parts at a better price.
  4. I would steer clear of Windsor-Fox for the time being. If you do order anything pay only with a credit card, so that you can dispute charges if you do not receive your merchandise.

  5. After reading the forum on Windsor Fox , I do not want to purchase anything from them. Thanks for all the replys on this. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what to do.
    Now can anyone tell me where I can purchase a trans. crossmember, a flex plate, a AOD kickdown cable and a shift rod kit for converting a 86 AOD auto.trans. into a 66 Mustang with a 289 engine? I already have a Aod Transmission out of a 86 Monarch.
    I was planning on buying all my conversion parts from Winsor fox, but I dont trust them now. Thanks
  6. The kickdown cable you can get a Lokar one from summit.

    That is the same one that w-f will sell you but about 30 dollars cheaper. Found that out the hard way. The flexplate you can get at any autoparts store. The crossmember you can get from the most of the mustang catalogs and as for the shift rod I am not sure, I got mine from w-f about a year ago. I sure some one else will chime in and let you know.
  7. If you need a 28oz flexplate for the AOD you cannot get it at just any old parts store...just an FYI.
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  16. I'll add my experience to the list of disappointed customers of Windsor-Fox. It took six months from the time that they charged my credit card to deliver a partial order. I finally gave up on receiving the full order. Ron Morris was prompt with quality parts.

  17. Clearly obvious sarcasm is lost on some....
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