Windstar Swap Now Wont Pass Emissions Has Codes

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 1stanger1, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. 2000 mustang v6 windstar intake swap is done and driving it..but here in pa we have an annual safety and emissions inspection this car isnt going to pass the emissions test part of it...
    it has a code P0401 ...I think thats it....its an egr code reading low...
    i did use the egr from the windstar as well and made sure it was nice and clean..

    but again i have a code but not a check engine light

    i have read ALL the threads and stickies on ALL the different websites and most of the links dont work any more ...i need a diagram on where the vacuum lines are supposed to be
    i'm kinda shootin toward not getting enough vacuum to the egr ...when i disconnect it i can feel it pulling but i'm wondering if its enough....or.....

    maybe its not even a vacuum issue also i'm thining that the hile in the intake is clogged ...cause i know the egr is good.....anyone know where i should start?
  2. If it's not causing you any drivability issues then consider getting a chip tuned to negate/discard the code.
  3. First, are you positive there are no exhaust leaks?

    If the EGR value is removed, can you easily blow through the throttle body?

    What about the DPFE sensor? Are there any leaks in the vacuum lines running to/from the DPFE sensor? Are you positive they are not reversed?
  4. well no i have no idea if they are reversed.......cant seem to find ANYONE who has actually done a CORRECT vacuum routing diagram........i mean there might be one out there on one of these sites but the posts are so old and outdated the links no longer work..
    as far as the egr being removed and blowing through the tb didnt try that....guess i should
    As far as exhaust or vacuum leaks...none and 100% positive on that......especially vacuum i used water and carb cleaner.....

    and there is no driveability issues...runs perfect idles perfect......

    also on another came on today for the P0401 code so its still going on...
  5. If the vacuum lines to the DPFE sensor are reversed, this could cause this. To confirm look at an unmodifed car. Note which hose is closer to the throttle body and make sure that same hose is closer to the TB on your car.

    The DPFE sensor itself fails more often than the EGR value does. But if the sensor worked before the work was done, it's not reasonable to think it has failed now.

    P0401 - EGR Flow Insufficient Detected
    • Vacuum supply
    • EGR valve stuck closed
    • EGR valve leaks vacuum
    • EGR flow path restricted
    • EGRVR circuit shorted to PWR
    • VREF open to D.P.F. EGR sensor
    • D.P.F. EGR sensor downstream hose off or plugged
    • EGRVR circuit open to PCM
    • VPWR open to EGRVR solenoid
    • D.P.F. EGR sensor hoses both off
    • D.P.F. EGR sensor hoses reversed
    • Damaged EGR orifice tube
    • Damaged EGRVR solenoid
    • Damaged PCM