Windstop for 2004 convertible

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  1. Does anyone have the "windstop" for the 2003-2004 convertible? It's shown in the 2004 online brochure but I can't find closeup pictures of it anywhere.

    I basically want to know if:

    a) the thing is effective
    b) my kids can still ride in the back with it installed
    c) is it worth the $250 it appears to cost? (probably not but there isn't a lot of choice)

    Ford part number is 2R3Z76539A18AA-258 and its description is Windstop. It also looks like it is made by a company called ORIS (

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i thought that was put on when you had a tanneau cover on your vert?

    They look really sweet :drool: the only ones that I have seen was on a 2002 saleen E-281.
  3. I found one at classic design concept I think. I e-mailed them and they said it is put on with some L brackets on the bottem and fits between two strips of styrofoam type material. I do not believe you need a tonneau cover. This particular one fits on a style/light bar which look very cool. Sorry forgot to mention that. The light bar will set you back a nice chunk of change.

    The one you are talking about is an aftermarket type you get direct from the dealer. I am thinking about one myself but then you have to store it when it is not in use. not sure it is worth it but I have not made up my mind.

    The dealer option gaurd I do not believe will allow anyone in the backseat. Call a Ford Dealer to be sure. I think anyone who would sit in the back would be blown out. The gaurd deflects the wind out the back. I think it would be difficult for your kids to breath with a steady gush of wind in their face.:flag:
  4. Bad Picture but what can you do? Where is it? I don't know how to attach something I guess. Sorry. :bang:

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  5. Thanks. I found a video where it shows the effect. Looks like it deflects wind turbulence from the rear - so the kids would probably get blasted with air!