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  1. I'm looking to pick up a GT hood scoop and a cobra wing. I have the smaller anniversary scoop and i would like the bigger one and i love the 99/01 cobra wing. What would you guys offer for these assuming they are in good condition, but they will need paint since they are from a green car? Also, how much does paint for these things usually cost? Shouldn't be much since they are small parts i assume.
  2. I would think if you sell your 35th anniversary scoop, you should get more for that than you would pay for a 01-04 GT hood scoop...the 35th's are kinda rare and the 01-04 GTs are a dime a dozen. Which cobra wing are you going for? they are different in 99 and 01, but consistent with what other mustangs had in those years, nothing special really. I'm going to guess by your avatar that you have the 99 and you want one like the 01? It's pretty close to the 35th anniversary wing, if not the same. I would say to get them painted, about $150-$300, depending on where you go. In my experience with paint, you get what you pay for tho.
  3. i didnt know the 35 ones were smaller...
  4. I still dont really believe my car is a true anniversary car, but it does have some of the features and the scoop is one of them. If i could break even with selling mine and buying the new one, that would be great. What should i offer, i was thinking maybe $75 for the scoop, but i have no idea about the wing. Right now i have the stock 99 wing, my avatar is just a nice picture :)
  5. yeah, towards the back of the hood, it's pretty much a smooth bump like the later scoops.
  6. Yea here are the differences (just so i can confirm that i do have the smaller scoop)...

    01+ gt


    my car



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  7. You've got the '99 GT non-limited edition model.

    The '99 cobra wing will be the exact same, but the '01 will be different.
  8. What exactly does the non-limited edition mean? regular GT?

    Edit: did some quick searching, looks like 99/01 both had the regular GT wing for their respective year. Maybe i'm thinkin of what the wing looks like when its moved back, i could have sworn it was different.
  9. Yeah.. nothin wrong with that tho :D
  10. The confusion about 1999 "Limited Edition" GT's is that since they were not known about by many. Yes, the hood scoop on the 99 is slightly shorter and tapered than the 01+ GT scoop. Also, the 99 spoiler is different too, It does not have the character line running side to side, its flat across the entire surface. The best way to tell you have a true "Limited" is the silver and charcoal interior. Most people will not add that to any Mustang, since its expensive.
  11. man you can sell your hood scoop for more than 75$, i bought one off an 03 for 100$ and that was the cheapest one i found used, most go for upwards of 120$
  12. My interior is entirely black. I feel like my car has pieces from a lot different cars. Looks like i'll go with the different hood scoop and maybe just move the stock wing back a little bit.
  13. i have a white scoop off of a 2002 gt, it has some key marks on it, would need to be sanded down and shot with some paint.
  14. mine isnt the correct shade of white but you cant really tell, infact it looks cool to me, its like the matte black shaker scoops on the mach ones except its white

  15. And just to compare, the '03 scoop off my car


    To be honest, i like the lower profile scoop on your car. The 01+ scoop looks nice too but it's a little bulgy when you look at it from the side and rear and especially from the drivers seat.

    The '99 anniversay wing is a 01+ real spoiler without the indentation on the top. It's perfectly flat.

    I also beleive the 99 anniversay car has the same side scoops as an 01+ not sure if they are exactly the same part though
  16. I'll trade ya ;) I really like the bigger one better. I know i dont have the anniversary spoiler, its a 99 one.