Winner announced in dual Boss 302 Mustang giveaway

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  1. <p>With the closure of the dual-Boss 302 Ford Mustang giveaway on July 4th, there lies a lucky finalist who has the keys to a 1969 Boss 302 Mustang as well as a 2012 Patriot Edition Boss 302 Mustang.* 24 year old Thomas Barker from Effingham, IL is the man of the hour for this exciting [...]</p><p>Read more of <a href="">Winner announced in dual Boss 302 Mustang giveaway</a> at <a href="">StangNet</a>!</p>

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  2. I think there was a mistake...I paid to win that contest
  3. Too bad he'll have to pay massive a amount of tax to keep both cars. IIRC, you need to claim the value of the vehicles as income and he'll probably lose 1/2 the value of those cars to taxes... :( kinda feel bad for him, it would be a shame to have to sell one or both just to pay the taxes you know?
  4. If I won two FREE cars..I wouldn't think I would feel horrible about getting rid of one :shrug:
  5. Kinda sad to split up a pair of sweet cars that were designed to be given away together though, no?
  6. I see your point however I imagine at 24 he is the happiest guy around for now! I get excited just getting to SEE the Boss cars and now he owns TWO!
  7. word up... I'd probably sell both to a collector for way more than sticker, pay off the taxes, and go buy myself a brand new Boss AND an old Boss... Like a Boss mother f**ker :nice:
  8. I don't think I'd cuss or throw a fit about having to pay just the taxes either. Hmmmm.... pay full price or......
  9. That's pretty cool; lucky SOB !

  10. Congrats to Thomas! Im jealous :nice:
  11. wow that would be a sweet win