Roush WINNER! Largest Saleen EBay ****.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by marcus95, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. When are they going to just ban that car from ebay! Plus the person who placed the auction doesn't understand the english language!
  2. Well marcus I guess you beet me to it. that car is always on ebay every few weeks.

  3. Yea.

    I did beat you this time.:D

    Scott, I agree the guy probably does not even speak English. Tell tale "USD" in the listing like a corn fed American boy is going to put that in his ad. :nonono:
  4. Does this car even exist?!? :shrug:

    The fact that it is perennially auctioned on eBay would lead me to doubt it is even owned by anyone.
  5. Damn it you guys.....I keep coming so close to buying that car for $10K and you keep *uckin it up by reporting it to ebay. I could make a killing on that car......:p

    Yes that car REALLY does exist. A member of the SCOA owns it and I believe he lives in CO. I think "SaleenMike" has a few pictures of it that don't appear on the ebay scam auction.........

    ......a stop getting the auction ended. I want that car for $10K :D
  6. Oh, I didn't doubt that the car itself actually existed, Robert. I was being facetious. :D

    I just doubted that whoever actually owned it was the person who was perpetually auctioning it on eBay & why that person couldn't take some kind of action to prevent scammers from using his/her images to auction their car.

    I don't know how eBay works, but it would seem to me that there is some kind of mechanism to identify scammers & take the necessary legal action against them.
  7. this car is about as bad as the 3 piece Sterns posted every few weeks. i have taken on the job of ball busting the guy w/ the Sterns ;-) & any other stupid F??K trying to pull one over on us! they just dont learn or realize how connected we all are!!

  8. I agree Jay.

    Let them have it! This car in particular is like :dead:
  9. thats too funny LOL
  10. I still have nightmares about the altezza taillights on that car.
  11. I'm just a little offended by that statement there. Probably 95% of the STERNS sold on Ebay the last 4 years have been offered by me...and I have NEVER run a scam a matter of fact, there is a set up there now. So, if I've offered 95% of the STERNS available on Ebay during the last 4 years, I hope you are talking about the miniscule other 5%. Although I agree about this SALEEN showing up on Ebay......if it's too good to be true, then it probably is......and the sellers commanding knowledge of the English language is the biggest hint of a scam I have ever seen!!
  12. Yo, He wasn't talking about you. we all know you are legit. George is proof.

    While you were away, there has been a foreigner over sea's or in Canada that has been listing Saleen parts with ridiculous buy it now prices on parts where he/she had stolen the pictures and used them for their own. I don't believe they used any of your pictures but they did list some Sterns for a Saleen more than once. That's who he was talking about.:D
  13. I was pretty sure he wasn't talking about me which is why I chose my words to be "slightly offended".......because a gross over reaction toward a comment not intended for me would be embarrassing. I was just hardening my integrity with the folks on this site. Yeah...I forget....George always has my back on the site. Hey George!!! Anyhow......See ya!
  14. nah he's not referring to you. I'm your #1 fan anyway!!